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Virtual CISO

Chief Information Security Officer

As a service

Our virutal CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) service is designed for organisations that require someone to take responsibility of the growth of their information security program but can’t find the best resource and/or don’t require someone full-time in the position.

Hiring a CISO is expensive, time demanding and risky, Gridware will be able to fulfill the role in your organisation at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise incur.

Clear Message

To give the business a clear message about where cyber security needs to be, you need a cyber security leader with the passion, expertise and drive to deliver results immediately. We’ve worked with countless businesses to bring this in-house solution to offer our customers just that.

Our Team

Gridware can offer you the experience of our focused team of cyber strategy and intelligence managers. This team will utilise our in-house developed software and analytics in order to proactively assess your exposure and help your internal team leverage our experience and insight in deep threat analysis, governance planning and board reporting. Our team employs personnel experienced in the development of enterprise level cyber security strategies and cyber-crime investigations in multiple geographies and across a variety of sectors.

Virtual CISO

The clear benefits of outsourcing your CISO role

Your Virtual CISO will champion:

1. Information security leadership and guidance

2. Steering committee leadership or participation

3. Based locally in Sydney

4. Security policy, process, and compliance

5. Incident response

6. Security training and awareness

7. Security assessment

8. Internal audit

9. Penetration testing

and more!

Chief Information Security Officer CISO FAQ

What is a Virtual CISO?

A Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is an outsourced role in your organisation that can be undertaken when you require an experienced person to take the responsibility for information security in your organisation. Hiring a full-time CISO can be expensive, timely and not effective, teaming up with your existing provider to give you a CISO role can be extremely cost effective and productive.

How does a Virtual CISO work?

We provide you with an information security professional that is an existing employee of Gridware, who is based in Sydney or Melbourne and has the expertise and industry knowledge to establish your cyber security strategy. They can work part-time or full-time, from your offices or remotely from the Gridware office in Sydney. The CISO will work to determine the priority of your information security initiatives, and work to reduce your cyber risk exposure.

How much does a Virtual CISO cost?

Having a Virtual Chief Information Security Officers is extremely cost effective. You have the benefits of an employee with the cost of an agreed consulting fee rate. Rates will vary depending on the time required in the, the size of your organisation and your cyber security requirements. The cost will also depend on whether you would prefer the CISO work in your Sydney or Melbourne offices, or remotely from our Gridware headquarters in Sydney.

Ready to team with Gridware?

Make the switch and team up with Gridware to make information security a priority in your company.

What Our Customers Say

  • "Gridware is the cybersecurity company that compeititors look up to. Knowing where the security gaps are within our applications before go-live gives us peace of mind that we are actively protecting our customer data. What differentiates Gridware from other companies is that when they start working, it is like we gain a valuable internal resource."

    IT Manager Nikon Australia
  • "With Gridware, we gained a valuable security partner to review our IT programs across various large projects across Australia. It saved us having to build our security expertise from scratch. They're flexible, thorough and quick with solutions. An agile vendor, one of the best we have worked with."

    Marsha Wilson Director, IT and Innovation
  • "Gridware is an intelligent company. The team has worked with us to identify and solve a number of cyber risks. It has been a pleasure working with Gridware."

    Mark Knowlton former CIO, Macquarie Bank

–  We work with the best  –

Gridware proudly provides leading virtual CISO services in accordance with our strategy and cyber training services. Transform your business with a CISO role that is outsourced, saving you cost, time, effort and resources. Our existing CISO clients include listed ASX200 entities.

The role can be performed part time out of your own offices, and through our headquaters based in Sydney. We find Sydney is fantastic producer of cybersecurity talent, making it an ideal base for Gridware to provide leading cyber security expertise to your business.

Call or email Gridware to team up and get secure today.

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