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Corporate Espionage Security

Corporate Bug Sweeping

Test, Protect, Monitor.

You have every right to be suspicious of corporate spying

In our experience, corporate eavesdropping has become rampant in Australian organisations, given the prevalence of cheap technology and the easy access to eavesdropping and spying devices that can be purchased online from overseas. Organisations and firms are susceptible to radio transmitters (sound bugs), hidden microphones, wireless video cameras, voice recorders, and phone taps. In most cases, these devices are planted illegally by competitors or rival firms, organised crime syndicates or law enforcement.


Our Detection Methodology

Gridware’s approach to eliminating the risk of corporate spying  is comprehensive and thorough. We utilise complete spectrum analysis tools to listen to all radio frequency spectrum within the area (from 0.52 MHz up to 25 GHz) which covers all radio transmitting microphones, wifi devices, video cameras and voice recorders. In addition, we have specalised tools to analyse cellular mobiles and landline telephones and determine if there is a data leak or ‘phone tap’. In addition, we conduct thorough physical searches to uncover anything hardwired, fiber-optic or dormant.

  • Review of Analog and Digital Phone

    Undertake several physical and electronic tests to determine whether phone lines are 'tapped' through most common methods.

  • Physical Search

    Most 'bugs' are discovered within 5 meters of where conversations are likely to occur. We undertake thorough searches to uncover any wired or hidden devices.

  • Radio Frequency

    We conduct a total RF (radio frequency) spectrum sweep (bug sweeping) for devices in range of 0.5Mhz to 25GHz (inc. wifi & bluetooth)

  • Vulnerability Scan

    Assessing your devices (laptops, computers, mobile) for compromising malware using best practice counter-surveillance techniques.

  • Analysis and Reporting

    Data analytics of the results are provided as well as a detailed exploitation report identifying any vulnerabilities, misconfigurations or possible bugs.

Want to get started?

Let’s make information security training a priority in your company!

Benefits of our Counter Surveillance

Independently verify your organisations exposure

Add an extra element of security to your workplace

Secure Client and Customer Information

Reduce stress and anxiety during litigation or mergers

Avoid costly breaches, fines and reputational damage of data leaks

We have all the latest tools and technologies not easily available to the general public

Corporate Bug Sweeping FAQs

How do you do your bug sweeping?

Gridware utilises a number of commercial tools such as radio frequency spectrum analysers to search a physical environment for any device that sends back a radio frequency (microphone bugs) or emits a Wifi, cellular gsm (LTE, 3G, 4G) or Bluetooth frequency back to a reader or host device. That means we can detect almost all commercially available ‘spy’ or ‘bug’ devices that are used by organised criminal syndicates or that are available for purchase online or overseas.

Do you do bug sweeps for individuals or residential homes?

Yes we do. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

What is the most common way organisations or firms are compromised?

In our experience, radio frequency sound bugs are the majority of devices we have detected for high value targets. Most of these devices are hidden in areas such as offices, boardrooms, behind draws in desks or in roof fixtures intended to listen into confidential conversations relating to mergers and acquisitions, corporate deals, litigation and legal privilege. However, technology is fast becoming more sophisticated, devices such as GPS tracking, Wifi cameras and bluetooth spy cameras are fast becoming more common.

What should I do if i suspect my office or home might be compromised?

Please get in touch with us today so we can have one of our investigators call you to discuss.

–  Why Choose Gridware for Corporate Bug Sweeping  –

Gridware specalises in a range of security  testing and risk management services. Our consultants are recognised for their depth of expertise and knowledge of deep web technical assessments and governance services. Therefore, we are best placed to know and understand what security techniques can be used to compromise your environment.

We are proud to be to employ CREST (Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers) consultants that have undertaken this work many times for high value targets, corporate clients and law firms in Sydney and Melbourne.

Get secure today, team up with Gridware.

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