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Many of our competitors use ‘fluff words’ to sell you a security service that under-delivers. At Gridware, we’ve refuse to ‘fluff’ and are redefining what it means to deliver an exceptional service. The Gridware promise is to exceed all expectations with our focused customer service approach, there are no Client Managers, you deal direct with our leadership team. Make the switch, team up with Gridware.

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Cyber Security Services

Our Approach

  • Consult

  • Deliver

  • Manage

  • Remediate

  • Monitor & Detect

The Gridware five step process is moving beyond the ‘what is’ of information security to answering ‘why’ a solution is critical for your business. Information security is a key risk that requires more than the implementation of a ‘fix’, you need the background knowledge of how these vulnerabilities occurred, how to prevent them in the future, and how to monitor and detect incidents going forward. Speak to us about a comprehensive Gridware cyber security program to ensure you’re secure in 2017.

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Leading the Change

The Gridware approach is simple. We believe the cybersecurity is an increasing area of risk for all businesses. Information security is fast becoming more complicated, more dangerous, with avenues for attack increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Managing your risk now requires more than an in-house IT team and firewalls. You need expert advice to guide your internal IT teams as well as hardened processes and procedures that exceed those of your competitors.

Our Core Services

Strategy and Audit
Strategy and Audit
We have tools and the brains to help you create a cyber plan of action, view what is happening inside your business, where the potential for data leaks exists and the areas you need to improve.
Compliance, Risk & Governance
Compliance, Risk & Governance
There’s no point in secure systems when policies and procedures are full of weak points. Learn how to secure your business from the inside-out with effective compliance programs. Ensure your systems are compliant with international standards ISO 27001.
Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing
Try authorised external attempts to get confidential business information from your systems to understand what potential vulnerabilities can be patched. We offer a range of penetration testing to mitigate your cybersecurity risk.
Counter social engineering attempts, scams and phishing that will bypass your lines of defence. Our on-site workshops are the best in the industry or provide online modules and assessments to educate your employees and business leaders.

Live Information Security Retainer


Standard cybersecurity solutions are important and necessary, but often they are inadequate. The constant threats come from elite cyber attackers who are capable of finding gaps in standard defences. We move your business ahead of standard defences and complete your cyber defence by manning those gaps. Our research team estimates that the average time an intruder spends in a network before being detected is 230 days. Our on call information security services is designed to specially counter this threat by actively pursuing threats and deploying countermeasures to prevent them from occurring. We provide you with our threat intelligence team to constantly monitoring and neutralising networks threats, compromised patches, vulnerabilities and world-wide threats.

Benefits to you:

Access to live threat intelligence to address vulnerabilities as they are known

Live monitoring of network activity and logs to detect intruders

Regular reporting of any breaches or unauthorised access

Cyber Security Consulting Company Melbourne

Gridware Live Retainer For Detection of Live Threats Events

  • Company 1 (name withheld)
  • Company 2 (name withheld)
  • Company 3 with Gridware Live Retainer

* Gridware Live Retainer is up to 20x more effective at detecting potential cyber breaches than traditional firewalls and logs. External data provided by existing clients and compared with the same time period for a Gridware Live Retainer client of similar capacity, industry, location and cyber maturity. Each company had approximately 200-250 employees.


and Auditing

With information security receiving increased focus in many Board meetings, it can be difficult to determine your current cyber maturing and areas for improvement. Gridware provides comprehensive cybersecurity audits and assessments which provide a snapshot of your cyber maturing in comparison to your peers and the industry.

The audit will look at your existing environment and run a combination of vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and process & procedure improvement review. We will work with you to determine the extent of any findings identified and help you guide you through the remediation.

Cyber Risk Strategy and Auditing

Cyber IT Risk Assessment

NIST Cyber Security Framework

Project Management

Information Security Advisory

Cybersecurity Roadmap

Business Continuity Plan

Penetration Testing and Application Security

Penetration Testing

and Application Security

We offer security solutions at every stage of development including: Secure Development Training, Secure Code Reviews, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration Testing.

Penetration Testing (Monthly and Annually)

Vulnerability assessment


Risk and Governance

Achieving and maintaining compliance with international standards, national legislation and regulation is a continuous process that requires a top-down approach from leadership, coupled with a refined internal compliance culture. Gridware has a defined compliance, risk & governance approach to cybersecurity, so you can be assured you’re working with the right consultants to lead your compliance projects.

Compliance Risk and Governance
Cyber Security Training and Workshops


Social Engineering Prevention

Target human error due to lack of training, email scams and phishing attempts that will likely affect your company. Our award winning on-site workshops provides the tools your employees need to overcome such attempts, and provides them with valuable knowledge of recent breaches, how they occurred and relevant case studies. We also offer an online module and assessment to cover the same material with ease.

Information Security Workshops

Online Cyber Training and Assessment for Employees

Pre-written questions for in-house training platforms

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