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Industry-leading incident response services, helping Australia’s leading organisations respond rapidly and decisively to a range of cybersecurity incidents and secure their interests.

Digital Forensics and
Cyber Breach Response

Gridware is a leading digital forensics and incident response company working with industry leaders to deliver rapid response, containment and investigative services. Our incident response consultants have successfully contained and remediated some of Australia’s largest cyber attacks.

Early detection and a swift response are crucial in when cyber incidents take place. A lack of familiarity with the latest threat landscape and techniques deployed by threat actors can hinder organisations’ ability to respond decisively. We take the guesswork out of the equation with well-honed methods that minimise loss, maximise efficiency and secure clients’ interests decisively.

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Incidents responded to
$ 1 m
financial loss averted*
* Gridware clients’ analysis

Urgent Incident Response Services

We are experts in responding to urgent and critical cyber security incidents. If you need an urgent incident response assistance, we are a phone call away. Contact us below and we will be in touch shortly to understand your needs and determine the most appropriate and fastest response strategy.

Every moment counts

When cybersecurity incidents take place, time is of the essence. Our digital forensics and investigation solutions are designed to help you understand what has occurred so you can effectively contain the threat and re-secure your network. Through our Sydney and Melbourne Cyber Defence Centres (CDC), we are able to deploy remotely and service any location in the world, with proven capability conducting large-scale investigations rapidly.

Our consultants carefully guide clients through best-practice approaches including our proprietary response methodology. Our focus hones in on rapid detection, effective investigation and containment, and swift response. Delays can be costly; our focus is therefore on speed and impact.

Cyber Breach Incident Response →

If you have been subjected to a data breach, or been hacked or otherwise compromised, your organisation needs to take the necessary steps immediately to mitigate the potential of serious harm. We deploy our consultants rapidly in the case of breaches, and help stem financial, reputational and data losses immediately.

Data Breach Investigation →

Market Leadership in Incident Response

Gridware is marked by its market-leading approach to digital forensics: our talented teams focus on precision of fact-gathering, swiftness in response and delivery of immediate impact. We immediately assess the extent of the breach, the severity of the incident and the likely impact it will have on the organisation including in financial, reputational and privacy terms.

Insights Centre

Gridware is proud to be a thought-leader in cybersecurity, creating and leading conversations in this space. Check out a selection of our published work from our Cyber Defence Centre (CDC), and learn how our cyber experts have championed partnerships with leading Australian Universities.


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