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Cybersecurity for Education

Helping the education sector defend against cyber attacks


Over the recent years, the education sector has become more susceptible to cyber hacks due to the increase in financial gain opportunities that motivates hackers. The education industry, much like the healthcare industry, holds a large amount of sensitive information belonging to its stakeholders. Education records are highly valuable to cyber-criminals as it can be used in fraud to change identities or cheat employment.

There are also reported cases of students gaining unauthorised access in order to alter their grades or delete records in their institute. For most education providers, there is a 1:1 student to device ratio which also poses a great risk. ‘Bring your own device’ is a fast area of research in cybersecurity as it poses a great challenge to providers and employers looking to enforce network protection controls, ultimately giving criminals a wider attack surface.


The rise of ransom-based malware that is used to crypto-lock data until the criminal is paid a ransom, has made it easier than ever for hackers to lock up critical data and devices, crippling an education provider or university’s operations

Reputation Damage

Confidential data loss costs more than just money and can have a lasting effect on student retention. A cyber breach to an education provider can have irreversible reputation damage


Hacktivists, or event curious students, who try to disrupt the website or network of the education institute as a way of protest or for attention can cause large scale interruptions

Data Breach

Almost 50% of cyber-attacks that affected educational facilities were sophisticated attacks that resulted in data leaks of confidential student information

The Use

Trusted Security Partner

  • Gridware is a leading global cyber security company with consultants operating in 20 countries
  • We collaborate with major universities, insurers and law enforcement agencies, addressing cyber threats affecting healthcare institutions worldwide
  • Our incident response team resolve major cybersecurity breaches affecting the Australian healthcare industry by working to identify, detect and respond to cyberthreats

Our Offerings

  • Ransomware prevention for critical data assets
  • Security auditing and penetration testing to identify unknown security gaps
  • Implementation of bank-grade anti-malware detection and mitigation solutions
  • Automated security monitoring provision and SIEM alerting
  • Advance threat management and defence capabilities that help prevent targeted attacks
  • Australia’s best-in-class cybersecurity professionals helping education industries meet enterprise-level security standards

Case Study


In February 2019 Australian National University (ANU) reported that they experienced a data leak by national-state hackers who stole bank account numbers and passport details of 200,000 students and staff members dating back 19 years ago.

Supporting education institutions across the world

Fighting cybercrime requires a multifaceted approach. Gridware firmly believes the best approach requires an effective combination of the expert advice to improve security controls, building multi-layers of defence with leading security tools and constant improvement of the human element of security awareness.

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The Risks

In order to fully evaluate and raise your level of cyber immunity, it’s essential that you work with a cyber security company like Gridware to understand the day-to-day IT processes involved in education sector, the nature of assets to be defended, their key data and using latest threat data to assess the impact a successful attack could have.

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