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We help find vulnerabilities in clients’ infrastructure, applications and processes with view to bolstering them to best-practice standards. We validate and challenge the efficacy of clients’ controls, helping them become robust and repel the most sophisticated attacks in future. With the heightened climate of cyber security in Australia, the number of organisations being publicised in the media of having breaches in their network security has been unprecedented.

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If you need urgent testing done to validate controls or quickly establish defences, we are able to assist. Contact us below and we can expedite your request to help generate a rapid response and set your organisation up to defend itself.

Leading Range of Services

We conduct a range of penetration testing services to find gaps in the security of our clients’ IT infrastructure, applications and processes, with the aim of helping you build better and more robust defences.

Gridware’s penetration testing services are used to determine the extent to which your network and systems can defend themselves against threats by testing your exposure to common vulnerabilities. Performed from the perspective of an attacker, we utilise in-house tools, vulnerability scanning and manual scripts to emulate attack incidents.

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Web applications form the backbone of most digital organisations. A security gap or breach can have devastating impacts on any business. Using a robust, proprietary testing method, we test the robustness of clients’ web applications through rigorous testing, helping find gaps and design adequate responses.

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Hackers on average spend 200 days inside a company network before they are identified. Our network penetration testing services work to reduce the attack surface of an organisation’s network, with view to stopping known and unknown attacks from occurring.

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Wireless technologies are often the first line of defence in a network’s perimeter. Our leading wireless penetration testing services have been used across Australia to ensure the safety of organisations and the security of their sensitive data.

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Market Leadership

Gridware is marked by its unique approach: proprietary methods that offer a robust examination of existing infrastructure and processes, aligned to industry best practice standards. With teams based in Sydney and Melbourne and the ability to offer our services country-wide, we’ve rapidly developed depth of experience and an enviable list of commercial and government clients.

As a leading penetration testing company, we employee the best cybersecurity talent in the market,  and offer our clients results that speak for themselves and have averted financial loss, reputational damage and lost time for a plethora of organisations.

Gridware is proud to be CREST (Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers) certified. Click to learn more.

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