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Cybersecurity for Telecommunications

Securing telecom data, applications and networks against the most advanced cyber threats


Telecommunication companies are susceptible to cyber-attacks because not only do they build and operate key infrastructure that is widely used but they also store large amounts of sensitive customer information. According to recent studies, 43% of telecommunications companies have suffered a DNS-malware attack and on average, telecoms only apply 4 of the 11 recommended critical patches in 2018 making them particularly vulnerable to zero-day attacks.

The most important factor in a telecoms corporate security strategy is a comprehensive framework of business processes that together with wide-ranging technical security controls fight advanced threats. Gridware is a pioneer in helping major telco’s in adapting their security strategies to defend against advanced threats and attacks.

Application and Device Controls

Technical testing to assist with web, device, network and application layer controls to reduce attack surface and help keep end users data safe

Security for Data Storage

Secure by design technology, without proactive penetration testing, cannot be relied upon to ensure security in an environment of emerging cyber risks and threats

ISO Standard Development

Helping financial services companies comply with regulations such as APRA CPS 234 and build information security policies that meets best-practice standards such as ISO 27001, ASD Essential 8, NIST and others

Hybrid Cloud Security

Borderless security engineered by cybersecurity experts to secure your critical data and address your cloud security requirements

The Use

Trusted Security Partner

  • Strong team of security professionals with experience in banking and financial services
  • Gridware is a leading global cyber security company with consultants operating in 20 countries
  • We collaborate with major universities, insurers and law enforcement agencies, addressing cyber threats affecting healthcare institutions worldwide
  • Our incident response team resolve major cybersecurity breaches affecting the Australian healthcare industry by working to identify, detect and respond to cyberthreats

Our Offerings

  • Reduce the risk of attacks
  • Maintain business continuity and service availability
  • Detect ‘live’ threats more rapidly with our managed SIEM services
  • Adaptive security framework that better meets industry standards
  • Ransomware prevention for critical data assets
  • Security auditing and penetration testing to identify unknown security gaps
  • Implementation of bank-grade anti-malware detection and mitigation solutions
  • Australia’s best-in-class cybersecurity professionals helping financial services industry meet enterprise-level security standards

Case Study


In June 2015, Australian Internet Service Provider, iiNet, admits to a large-scale privacy breach after more than 30,000 customer passwords were accessed. iiNet’s CIO, Matthew Toohey voiced that they were aware of the incident which resulted from hackers obtaining unauthorised access to old customer information through a legacy system belonging to iiNet. Since the breach, iiNet has taken their outdated system down and contacted the affected customers to change their passwords.

Supporting the cybersecurity of telecommunications across the world

Fighting cybercrime requires a multifaceted approach. Gridware firmly believes the best approach requires an effective combination of the expert advice to improve security controls, building multi-layers of defence with leading security tools and constant improvement of the human element of security awareness.

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The Risks

Cyber-attacks are amongst the most dangerous business risks faced by the telecommunication industry. But while the risks – and the techniques adopted by threat actors are constantly evolving, many businesses continue to rely on yesterday’s security technologies to protect against today’s and tomorrow’s threats:

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