Vulnerability Assessment

One of the most effective methods to prevent threat actors from gaining unauthorised access to your confidential data is to scan for vulnerabilities before they do.

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Gridware Differentiators

Gridware is known for its exclusive approach, including methods that provide a thorough analysis of current infrastructure and processes, as well as our expert team in Sydney and Melbourne. Modern web application scanners, as well as protocol and network scanners, are utilised by Gridware’s penetration testing team to gain an in-depth analysis of your company’s potential vulnerabilities. With this information, an easy-to-understand report is compiled to detail how you and your stakeholders can remediate these vulnerabilities.

Gridware is proud to be CREST (Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers) Certified, demonstrating our leadership and experience in the industry. Employing the highest quality cybersecurity talent in the market, we continue to offer our clients results that speak for themselves and have averted financial loss, reputational damage and lost time for a plethora of organisations.

The Gridware Vulnerability Assessment Approach

Our approach helps rapidly and efficiently determine the extent to which your network and technology is defensible against cyber threats by testing it against common exploits and vulnerabilities. We perform our testing from the perspective of an attacker, utilising in-house tools, vulnerability scanning and manual scripts to emulate attack incidents.

Our vulnerability assessment covers the following:

This assessment includes testing your web application systems for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, from both the perspective of an authorised and unauthorised user. 

Our network vulnerability scanning aims to scan for network hosts, including connected devices, to pinpoint specific weaknesses. This testing can also include your virtual environments and their host configuration. 


To ensure your organisation is meeting the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Gridware will conduct direct scanning for your company’s internal and internet-facing resources. 

Gridware will search for any unauthorised wireless access points to identify and review the security posture of your wireless network. 


Key Benefits

Gridware’s services will help you take preventive action to avoid the damaging financial and reputational costs of cybersecurity breaches. Testing is effective at mitigating the financial loss and reputational damage resulting from a vulnerability breach and its resulting impacts. It can be an industry-leading move to take your organisation’s systems from below-average to strategically in tune with the latest cyber threats and challenges.

Vulnerability scanning is a proactive way of testing vulnerabilities before something can go wrong. 

Gridware is proud to be CREST (Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers) Certified.

Vulnerability Assessment FAQs

A vulnerability assessment is a method of searching for and identifying security flaws in a network or communications infrastructure, which is prioritised by their risk factor and is followed by a provision of guidelines for effective countermeasures. 

Vulnerability evaluations can be carried out by a third-party contractor to ensure that there is no bias in the testing and investments are utilised efficiently. Additionally, your vulnerability scan will be carried out by technical experts who are up to date on the latest developments in cybercriminal activity and are familiar with international and industry standards. 

Regular vulnerability assessments (VAs) will assist you in understanding structural vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and protecting properties. A thorough VA offers detailed information about your digital properties, general threats, and security vulnerabilities, effectively reducing the likelihood of cyberattacks.

Vulnerability assessments look for known vulnerabilities in your systems and report potential exposures. However, penetration testing aims to exploit weaknesses in your IT framework to test the extent to which a threat actor could gain access into your systems.

The cost of a vulnerability assessment will depend on the size of the network. In our experience, most companies looking to undertake a vulnerability assessment can require 1-2 days for small networks, and between 7-10 days of testing and consulting for a larger network. There are other factors to consider that affect the price, including any regulatory or legal requirements affecting your industry which reflects into the price.

In our experience, a vulnerability assessment can take anywhere between 7-10 business days to complete, depending on the size of your organisation’s network. When less testing is required, or if testing is focused on a single network, system or process, testing can be completed in 1-2 business days.

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