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Cybersecurity for Aerospace and Defence

Securing all areas of space and defence.


In the age of the advanced rockets and spacecrafts, cyber security has become a critical concern element that hinders growth. Gridware is helping both defence and space engineers set the industry standard in protecting the information flow to and from critical assets. Aerospace Cybersecurity Solutions look to address current and future risks to flight safety and the integrity of the enormous amount of data coming on and off space technology.

In our Cybersecurity for Defence offerings, armed forces, governments and international organisations entrust Gridware to help them achieve and maintain security, strategic superiority and tactical independence in the face of any cyber threats. In an increasingly unpredictable world, governments work with our expertise to protect their citizens by delivering solutions that protect smart cities and critical infrastructures.

Advanced Threat Detection

Identifying appropriate technologies you can securely rely upon for leading security intelligence and advanced machine learning, helping your security team reveal, recognise and uncover complex attacks

Global Threat Intelligence

Our partnerships with leading Universities means immediately actionable threat information providing valuable insights and context in a range of formats and delivery methods

Threat Hunting

Real-time detection of new and emerging cyber threats using state of the art commercial tools as manual testing by expert penetration testing teams in our Sydney based Security Operations Centre

ISO Standard Development

Integrating expert-level security analysis with cutting-edge security control and policy development that meets industry best-practice standards such as ISO27001, Essential 8, NIST, ITIL and others

The Use

Trusted Security Partner

  • Gridware is a leading gloabl cyber security company with consultants operating in 20 countries
  • We collaborate with major universities, insurers and law enforcement agencies, including Interpol, Europol, Defense Ministries and State Departments worldwide
  • Our incident response team resolve major cybersecurity breaches by working to identify, detect and respond to cyberthreats

The Challenge

  • Nation-state hacking and espionage
  • Poor security awareness among government employees
  • Lack of information-sharing processes between government bodies
  • High-risk profile of many critical national infrastructures
  • Inefficient threat detection technologies

Case Study


In July 2018, the Australia State Electoral Commission (SEC) issued a notice that voter data and personally identifiable information collected during the Tasmanian local council election had been stolen by hackers. The breach occurred as a result of a third-party vendor who’s web application was used to collect voter data. Form application vendor, Typeform was compromised by hackers who were able to steal a backup file containing information of thousands of individuals including voters name, address, email, DOB and voting preference. It was revealed that ultimately 4000 voters had been impacted. The Australian SEC has implemented new measures to verify third party vendors have adequate security controls before implementing their technology.

Supporting Aerospace, Defence and Government against cybercrime

Fighting cybercrime requires a multifaceted approach. Gridware firmly believes the best approach requires an effective combination of the expert advice to improve security controls, building multi-layers of defence with leading security tools and constant improvement of the human element of security awareness.

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The Risks

Aerospace, Defence and Government organisations are natural targets for cyber crime – from espionage through to politically motivated attacks

  • Cyber-terrorism and state sponsored attacks
  • Hacktivism
  • Ransomware and malware
  • Cyber-espionage and insider threat
  • DDoS attacks to public sector services
  • Phishing and credential compromise

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