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Data Privacy Consulting

Our Data Privacy consulting services help businesses navigate the Australian Privacy Principles combined with global regulations and standards for safeguarding personal information and data breach notifications

Data Privacy Consulting Services

In today’s business world, understanding the Australian Privacy Principles is becoming crucial for every business owner. As the landscape of data privacy shifts dramatically, organisations are compelled to adapt to evolving regulations that dictate not only business strategies but also technical and legal frameworks. These multifaceted changes often converge into intricate legal and regulatory mazes.

At Gridware, we’ve assembled a specialised team, replete with experts such as ex-regulatory officials, seasoned lawyers, and chief privacy officers, alongside cybersecurity professionals, privacy consultants, and auditors. Our mission is to collaborate closely with you to navigate the complexities of various jurisdictions and regulatory demands, evaluate and fortify your privacy framework, and ensure compliance with critical standards like the GDPR and the Privacy Act 1988. We are committed to evolving with the regulatory landscape to secure and enhance your data security and privacy protocols.

Navigating the OAIC Requirements

Gridware boasts a team of adept privacy specialists, well-versed in the nuances of the requirements set out by the Office of the Australian Information Commission (OAIC). As data accumulates at unprecedented rates and businesses become entwined in a multifaceted network of service providers, an in-depth comprehension of privacy becomes indispensable.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Data Privacy Consulting

Achieve impeccable compliance with our all-encompassing Privacy Law services tailored to the Australian regulatory framework. Dedicated to Australian businesses and professionals, our team, deeply versed in the new amendments to the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles, offers pivotal guidance in areas like data protection, privacy risk assessments, and personal information management. We excel in ensuring data privacy, navigating the intricacies of consent management, and providing insight into regulatory requirements. Fortify your data privacy stance with our profound knowledge, attuned to the unique demands of the Australian privacy landscape.

Grounded Strategy

Leverage Gridware's robust risk governance framework, enriched by our compliance and security prowess, to discern your vulnerabilities and map out a strategic path to bolster security and adherence.

Premier Privacy and Security Expertise

Beyond our distinguished capabilities in security evaluation, Gridware stands as a proficient authority in Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) assessments, point-to-point encryption (P2PE) evaluations, and advanced security vetting, reinforcing our position as a paramount figure in the cybersecurity domain.

Backed by Cutting-Edge Threat Intelligence

Gridware's vigilant oversight of global security incidents culminates in unparalleled threat intelligence that amplifies our suite of cybersecurity solutions. Our esteemed offensive security unit comprises of adept penetration testers, DFIR specialists, and security analysts to ensure you stay ahead of evolving threats.

Smart Automation at Your Fingertips

Introducing Gridware's state-of-the-art cybersecurity platform, Gridware 360, designed to serve as the backbone for our comprehensive managed security services, products, and a spectrum of cybersecurity initiatives.

Privacy Officer as a Service

Navigating the intricacies of privacy can be daunting, with genuine talent in this space difficult to source. Small to medium businesses grapple with the balance of having a dedicated privacy officer, whereas large organisations seek to ensure they can maximise the return on investment.

Gridware bridges this gap by offering on-demand access to our seasoned privacy experts as Privacy Officers as a Service. Whether it’s managing routine privacy inquiries, undertaking cyber risk audits or reinforcing privacy controls across the organisation, we’ve got you covered.

Our tailored “Privacy Officer as a Service” model boasts professionals well-versed in engagements with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and international regulatory entities, data breach notification, ensuring your regulatory and ethical data practices are within the law.

Why Choose Gridware for DATA PRIVACY SERVICES

Our track record in providing trustworthy and accurate privacy consultancy is renowned. Gridware's broad expertise in navigating privacy challenges across varied sectors, coupled with our profound knowledge of the Australian regulatory landscape, distinguishes us in the field.

Data Privacy Services FAQs

Gridware constantly reviews and updates its privacy services to ensure they’re in line with the most recent changes to the Australian Privacy Act. We work closely with a number of leading Australian Law firms to ensure our approach ensures that businesses remain compliant, even as regulatory landscapes evolve.

Our team leverages a combination of expert-led assessments and state-of-the-art technology to swiftly identify potential compliance gaps. This method enables businesses to swiftly achieve and maintain compliance without incurring unnecessary costs.

Absolutely. We offer scalable privacy solutions tailored to various budgetary needs. Every solution, no matter the scale, meets the highest standard to ensure optimal compliance.

As a local Australian provider, we have an intrinsic understanding of the national regulatory landscape. Our reputation for delivering accurate and trustworthy privacy consultancy solidifies our position as the preferred choice for numerous businesses.

Beyond achieving initial compliance, our ongoing services encompass periodic reviews and updates. We actively inform and guide businesses regarding any regulatory shifts, ensuring they always remain compliant and ahead of potential changes.

Our seasoned experts, with their vast experience partnering with some of Australia's leading corporations, will assist you from strategising to implementing controls, ensuring you adeptly navigate and mitigate privacy risks as they are outlined under the Australian Privacy Principles.

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