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Become A Cyber Security Intern

Gridware offers talented university students and other budding cybersecurity professionals market-leading internships opportunities to gain real-world experience at the cutting-edge of cybersecurity. Our internships combine front-line exposure to some of the most challenging cybersecurity problems with formal and informal training that make for the experience of a lifetime.

Work Culture

Our interns are exposed to our unique work culture, which combines a relentless pursuit of excellence in all we do with a focus on the growth and development of our team as a core business priority. We give our interns the opportunities and training over their tenure with us to gain incredible, hands-on cybersecurity experience while getting a taste of what top-end commercial experience looks like.

Why choose Gridware

Some of the most talented information technology (and adjacent discipline) university students choose Gridware for their internship destination. Here is why:

Exposure to real problems

Our interns are exposed to the latest cyber threats and challenges our organisation is working on at any given time

Constant mentorship

Our interns are provided with mentors who provide constant support in a safe environment that is ideal for growth

Training support

We support our interns through formal and informal training sessions over the course of their internships

Regular feedback discussions

During the course of their internships, our interns get real feedback from their mentors to see how they are going and what a longer-term career with us (or in cybersecurity generally) may look like for them

Intern Testimonials

"The internship has significantly improved my knowledge of cyber security and helped me improve my confidence, communication skills, public speaking skills and researching skills. The internship has also strengthened my curiosity and my desire to learn about cyber security and work in this field in the future."
Intern, 2019
"It gave me an insight into how the cyber security industry conducts their daily work with the tools that they use. Being able to be in this professional atmosphere, allowed me to flourish in my technical skills as well as knowledge. Not only this, but the ongoing tips from the employees such as Linkedin networking, certificates/accreditations I should pursue and university advice was very beneficial"
Intern, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

During the course of their internships, our interns get real feedback to see how they are going and what a longer-term career with us (or in cybersecurity generally) may look like for them

All the usual important stuff like education, expected graduation, skills, tools, programming languages, relevant courses and experience. 

Emphasise information that you feel is relevant to your application with us. Tell us how you’ve used your skills by incorporating them into the experience section on your resume. Focus on accomplishments rather than duties and try to include both quantitative and qualitative metrics that may be a measure of the impact you made. 

Don’t forget to include the best contact information (phone number and email) through which we can contact you.

We recommend sticking to standard font sizes and using no more than 2 colours for clean formatting that captures your experiences. PDF or .doc are preferred formats. Be sure to proof-read and spell check your resume! 

We prefer chronological resumes than overviews of experience so we can see when you accomplished certain things.

Yes! We want to know about the WHOLE you, so absolutely do so and help us get to know you better. Include competitions, hackathons, clubs, and projects you may have been involved in also.

We value diversity and individuality of background experience, and believe that is what helps make our organisation strong.

We look for passion, curiosity, innovation, drive, and people who are great to work with. Ideal candidates go above and beyond to grow their skill set and separate themselves from the competition.

While cover letters aren’t required, we don’t mind if you do one, as they can help us better understand you and your experience in the context of your application with us.

If you do write one, tell us what interests you about Gridware and the industry we operate in. You won’t be “marked down” if you don’t submit one, because we read each resume that we receive carefully!

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