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Gridware is the proudly-Australian firm at the cutting edge of out-innovating and out-smarting cyber threats and actors. We are trusted by some of Australia’s leading companies and government organisations, and provide market-leading services that are redefining excellence. Each of our key services are delivered by leading cybersecurity professionals who work directly with our clients, without layers of salespeople in the middle. The Gridware difference centres on powerful relationships, open communication and exceptional delivery.

Our Approach

Thought Leadership and Best Practice

The Gridware approach to cybersecurity consulting services moves beyond the “what” to the “why”. We situate our clients’ needs in the broader business context in which they operate, and seek to understand them in light of the organisation’s priorities. While information and cyber security are hot topics of today, there is nothing more harmful than untailored “off the shelf” approach to this crucial area. 

We thus seek to understand our clients’ unique needs and tailor outcomes appropriately. We implement robust measures, seek to prevent rather than just react, and make it easy to detect incidents going forward. When things go wrong, we deploy quickly to assess and detect, and respond at pace. 

Gridware brings not just best practice to its clients, but also industry-leading thought leadership. Our partnership with academia in Australian industries sees us well placed to be across the very latest trends and developments in cybersecurity.

Leading The Change

A complex, fast-changing world

Cybersecurity has never been more topical, and is at the forefront of business and government leaders’ minds. It is a hot topic of discussion throughout the world, and the global incidents that have occurred during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have only further put it on the public agenda. Information security is increasingly more complicated and ridden with risks, with avenues for attack increasing and becoming more sophisticated. 

Managing cyber risks well requires more than just an in-house IT team and traditional firewalls. Expert, outside-in advice to guide policies and internal teams is not just useful, but imperative. There is no substitute for working with professionals at the top of this dynamic field who are constantly across the latest in this fast-moving arena. This is where Gridware is a market leader.

Penetration Testing

We offer comprehensive penetration testing services, helping find vulnerabilities in clients’ infrastructure, applications and processes with view to bolstering them to best-practice standards. We validate and challenge the efficacy of clients’ controls, helping them become robust and repel the most sophisticated attacks in future.

Incident Response

Gridware provides leading forensics and investigative services that help quickly understand the issues during an incident, assess potential impact and respond accordingly. Having worked on some of Australia’s most crucial cyber incidents over the last few years, our consultants have pioneered leading methods to rapidly detect, triage, investigate, and address the root cause of cyber incidents.

Governance & Audit

Gridware offers best-in-class governance consultancy and objective assessments for Audit requirements. Few organisations have the resources and knowledge in-house to effectively and objectively audit their own cybersecurity infrastructure. We bring the external expertise, technical qualifications and depth of commercial experience to help organisations ensure their cyber governance is optimised and their systems objectively assessed.


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