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Governance & Audit

Industry-leading governance consultancy and Audit services that bring our external expertise, technical qualifications and depth of commercial experience to help organisations ensure their cyber governance is optimised and their systems objectively assessed.

Building Resilience With Cyber Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

In today’s rapidly changing environment, cybersecurity strategy and governance need to be shaped by expert, outside-in perspectives that account for the latest trends, developments and threats. We design market leading governance structures and cybersecurity strategies to help organisations secure their interests and undertake comprehensive, objective audits that help organisations get a solid view of their capabilities and vulnerabilities.

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Urgent Audits and Governance Requirements

While both Audits and governance strategies are best completed proactively and with time to optimise, we understand that both may sometimes need to be completed urgently in response to identified threats or damaging incidents. Our teams are able to deploy rapidly to undertake comprehensive Audits and shape governance strategies that bring rapid results and help mitigate risks immediately. Contact us today if you are in need of urgent services in this space.

Industry-leading Cyber Governance & Audit Services

As a leading Cyber Governance Company in Australia, Gridware deliver a range of governance-oriented cybersecurity services, covering cybersecurity strategy, frameworks, risk audits, policy generation and implementation. We also undertake comprehensive cybersecurity audits that our Sydney and Melbourne consultants use to help management and audit committees assess where an organisation is at from a cybersecurity perspective. 

Our virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) service is designed for organisations that require someone to take responsibility for the growth of their information and cybersecurity program but don’t necessarily require someone full-time in the position. Gridware is able to fulfil the role in your organisation at a fraction of the cost it would otherwise require.

Virtual CISO →

Any organisation that respects the importance of process generally and the criticality of cybersecurity specifically needs documented policies and procedures that identify the rules and standards for protecting its information and data assets. Such policies and procedures provide clarity to employees, clients, investors and management protective, detective and preventive controls that mitigate cybersecurity risks. We specialise in building robust policies from the ground up, helping organisations achieve radically improved security postures within weeks.

Policies & Procedures →

Building a framework to align with ISO 27001 is a crucial step towards improving the cybersecurity maturity of any organisation. Aligning an organisation to an industry standard such as ISO 27001 can be difficult without the relevant expertise. Gridware offers market-leading Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services that help accelerate an otherwise lengthy and tedious process by utilising our best-practice methodologies and extensive experience.

ISO 27001 Audits and Implementation →

Information Security Management Systems (“ISMS”) are among the best approaches to implementing a framework of policies and procedures based on international standards such as ISO 27001. We assist clients define a set of rules for their organisation regarding cybersecurity, as well as ensuring they produce a set of policies, processes, procedures and documentation that is appropriate for the size and context of the relevant industry.

Cybersecurity Framework →

Designing the appropriate cyber strategy is crucial. Otherwise, an organisation can waste valuable time and resources on cyber defences that are either unnecessary or premature given organisational context. We help clients understand the strategic options that suit them given their unique circumstances and help develop mature strategies in coordination with management.

Cybersecurity Strategy →

We undertake independent assessments of existing and required controls, and also assist Audit Committees understand and address the diverse risks organisations may face in a rapidly changing world.

Cybersecurity Risk Audit →

We help both establish and audit existing cybersecurity programs for organisations. For those without a cybersecurity program, this framework is a set of policies which helps organisations define their cyber strategy, risks, responsibilities and implemented controls. For those with existing programs, an external audit conducted periodically is critical to ensure an existing program is aligned with the latest trends, risks and challenges faced by similar organisations.

Cybersecurity Program Audit →

Market Leadership in Cyber Governance and Audits

Gridware is marked by its comprehensive approach to governance and audit projects. Our teams based Sydney and Melbourne work closely with clients at their sites or remotely country-wide. In the process, they develop a detailed understanding of our organisations’ existing infrastructure and bring their market-leading expertise to identify gaps and shortcomings, as well as approaches to mitigate them. Our Audits are comprehensive, objective and always accompanied by clear and actionable recommendations.


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