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Information Security Management System Framework Implementation

Design, Create, Review, Maintain.

ISMS Implementation that makes sense for every company

An Information Security Management System (“ISMS”) is one of the best ways of implementing a framework of policies and procedures based on international standard ISO27001 Information Security Management Systems. It is defining the set of rules for your company as it relates to information security, and developing controls aligned with Annexure A of the ISO27001, as well as ensuring you produce a collection of policies, processes, procedures and documentation that is relevant for the context and size of your company’s organisation.

What is Involved in the Implementation of the ISMS and how can Gridware help?

Building your ISO 27001 framework requires more than just writing your cybersecurity policies. There are a number of phases required to be undertaken when implementing an ISMS. From building processes to preparing a risk assessment, Gridware’s consultants are both ISMS implementation specialists and certified auditors, ready to help your company with our services.

When building your ISO 27001 framework, our consultants will work with your company’s team to undertake a cyber risk assessment of your key business processes, and develop a risk treatment plan that is aligned to ISO 27001. Following that process, we begin to develop the suite of policies, procedures and checklists that are appropriate for your organisation – all the while ensuring top management support services for the project.

Bigger is good, smarter is better

In an increasingly digital Australia, organisations are looking for ways to improve their cyber resilience while not breaking their budget. That’s where Gridware comes in. Our talented team of governance, risk and compliance professionals work with you to address a variety of threat vectors to best mitigate your security vulnerabilities. All the while ensuring that it is cost effective so you get maximum return on your investment.

What are the benefits of using our ISMS implementation services?

Better Guidance

Improve business objectives to

Help promote and maintain

Why Gridware Are Leading ISMS Experts


We are recognised experts having successfully delivered major cyber security programs locally.


We have deep local and global knowledge of the cyber security issues and developments.

Risk Approach

We believe cyber security is no longer an IT issue, and we have exceptional experience in tackling risk and compliance issues.


Our services won’t break the budget, and you’ll still receive world-class advice.

Our Approach To ISMS Framework Development

Few organisations today have the resources and knowledge to effectively develop, maintain and review their ISMS. Let our consultants provide you with the insight it needs to make the process easier for your organisation.


Undertake a current state assessment and risk review. Review existing policies and procedures to develop ISMS Scope Statement.


Perform a risk assessment based on ISO 27001 standard. Design risk treatment plan and Statement of Applicability (SOA).


Develop the ISMS set of applicable policies, procedures, templates and guidelines as required under ISO 27001.


Monitoring and review to ensure correct controls have been implemented and develop corrective action plans.


Design a training and awareness program that will be undertaken in accordance with ISO 27001.

ISMS Implementation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An ISMS is a set of documents, procedures and guidelines created to create a compliance framework aligned with the requirements of ISO 27001. In simple terms, it means having a set of policies, procedures and processes which align with the objectives and scope of the ISO 27001 as it is relevant to your organisation. That means it’s not just an IT policy, but also key business processes, controls, audit procedures as well as principles such as commitment by senior management for continual improvement. The full list of compliance obligations required to have an ISMS will depend on the nature, size and risk appetite of your organisation.

Not necessarily. ISMS is based on the ISO27001 standard which relates to Information Security. Whilst some components relate to Information Technology Security Techniques, the scope of the ISO27001 includes many other aspects such as knowledge, words, concepts, ideas and brands. Generally speaking, an organisations most valuable asset is information that belongs to the business. Therefore, any medium where this information is used, captured, stored or managed will fall under the scope of an ISMS.

The ISO/IEC 27001, 27002 and all other published international standards must be purchased directly from the ISO store  or other reputable publisher.

Implementing an ISMS is a project taking into consideration all the compliance requirements of the ISO 27001, and meeting those requirements in your organisation. Clauses 4-10 of the ISO 27001 relating to the organisations context and scope, leadership and commitment, planning to address risk, support and awareness, operational planning, risk assessments, performance evaluation and continual improvement are all mandatory components of an ISMS. Once these requirements are met in the form of documentation, you should in conjunction conduct a risk assessment of your information security. Relevant controls from Annexure A of the ISO can be used as guide to assist the organisation with implementing best practice controls.

It is possible to implement an ISMS without an external service provider, however, having a consultant such as Gridware assist with the implementation of the ISMS will ensure you the process is much faster, more streamline and created keeping in mind the requirements of certifying bodies should you require certification or future audits. We leverage on the experience of completing a large number of ISMS implementations annually to save you time, money and resources.

If you obtain certification for your ISMS with a certifying body, then generally you should conduct an internal audit or spot check every 12 months and complete a comprehensive audit every 2 years. This is because of the fast paced and changing nature of technology in enterprise and the evolving risks that apply to handling customer, employee and sensitive information.

Not necessarily. To become ISO27001 certified, you require a certifying body such as SAI Global, BSI or PECB to certify that your ISMS meets the requirements of the ISO27001. You can still create and maintain the documentation without the need to be certified.

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