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Digital Forensic &
Incident Response Services

We’ve taken the headache out of cyber incident management. Leave us your details for an immediate triage at any time.

Service Information Overview

Every second is critical when you've been breached

Gridware’s Cyber Forensics and Investigation Services will give immediate value in triaging a cyber event, providing management with a detailed forensic analysis, summary of key issues and providing visibility on infrastructure impact.

Our critical response team have what you need to rapidly detect, triage, investigate, and identify the root cause and impact of cyber attacks. Our Swift response and early detection are critical in undertaking cyber investigations and responding to active threats. 

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Why More Companies Choose Gridware

Gridware’s expertise are proven by our vast partnership network with major Cyber Insurance providers and Australian Universities to deliver world-class incident response and cyber breach investigation services.

We employee an experienced team of consultants to ensure we can deploy quickly and address any challenge affecting your recovery.

Our local team of incident responders are backed by the expertise at Gridware’s CDC, which provides insights into the latest attacks, research, and key information vital to containing active threats.

We provide comprehensive reports, post incident reviews, brief summaries and valuable forensic data to help facilitate quick recovery and assist quality insurance, legal and management decision making.

If You Suffer A Breach, You Can’t Afford The Second Best.

Digital Forensic Investigation Services

Containment Advice

Limit damage and prevent any further damage from happening by working to isolate the segment of affected devices and limit lateral movement of attacks.

Advanced Monitoring

We work with our partners to deploy advance sensors that give control and visibility of your network back to you. Bring affected systems back into production, carefully validating systems are free from compromise.

Attack Investigation

Gather relevant information, such as logs, errors and other resources from intrusion detection systems for forensic analysis of root cause and impacts.


Prepare adequate documentation to ensure lessons learned are communicated and provide play-by-play review of the entire incident.

The Incident Response Company Making a Difference

Now more than ever, organisations need to be more vigilant and concerned with security. To defend against known and emerging threats, you must have an effective team that moves fast to forensically investigate and contain a cyber attack.

According to a recent SANS Report, more than 50% of companies indicated that a shortage of staffing and skills inhibits their ability to respond to an incident. Gridware’s team has worked on countless large-scale cyber attacks, assisting companies, their legal teams and loss adjustors, with achieving containment and recovery in complex environments.

Benefits of Gridware’s Cyber Forensic and Investigation Services

Fast Triage

Working with the best IR consultants in Australia, our Sydney and Melbourne based teams can deploy quickly to triage your issue in as little as 15 minutes

Fast Remediation

Minimise the duration and impact of a security breach by letting our consultants carefully guide you through best practice next steps

Immediate Response From Experts

Eliminate costly delays and get immediate response from experienced professionals when a cyber breach occurs

Technology Agnostic

Unlike other firms, we do not force the purchase of any tools or software. We are not tied to specific products, brands or hardware.

Cyber Breach Investigations and Digital Forensic Services FAQs

An Incident Response Company aims to assist with containment of a cyber breach as well as undertake the forensic investigation in an effort to determine the immediate extent of a ‘hack’. This includes assessing whether there was a loss of confidential data to an unauthorised individual (exfiltration) or whether the compromise affected critical infrastructure or web applications. The incident response team can also help with assessing the impact and consequence of the breach to calculate the financial, reputation or business loss involved.

To contain a data breach, you need to follow an industry set of steps and procedures relevant to the infrastructure (such as Office 365) or application (web based or cloud) that was subject to the breach and ensure access is restricted and closed from unauthorised or outgoing gateways. This usually involves setting up a network perimeter, implementing immediate password changes, introducing multi-factor authentication for all privileged users and assess the state of back ups that are available to ensure they are not compromised.

The costs of a data breach investigation will vary from organisation to organisation, and is heavily dependent on the amount of resources required to conduct the forensic analysis. The average cost of a data breach investigation in Australia might range from between 1 day to 20 days of consulting.

We do provide templates, checklists and sample policies and procedures for download, including sample incident response plans. You just need to contact us.

The length of the investigation depends on the size of the data breach, being the amount of data that has been exposed or leaked, as well as the size of the business and complexity of the business processes. For most organisations, a data breach investigation can commence and be completed in under 7-10 days. In most cases, containment of a data breach can be completed within 1-2 business days depending on many other factors that we would need to assess.

Gridware’s cyber forensic team can begin work on a breach with 15-30 minutes of being notified. Our capabilities runs across our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane offices as well as other capital cities, Gridware’s cyber forensic team can issue an immediate assessment and action plan to contain a breach in under 6 hours. For greater Australia, we have a minimum service level agreement (SLA) target response of 24 hour.

Customer Stories

Gridware has acted for hundreds of companies and helped them recover from potentially disastrous situations. Read about how our services have helped others:


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