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Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless testing is a key strategy to help prevent incidents before they happen. Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty: find out how we can help your organisation.

Wireless Security:

A powerful tool

A penetration test is a form of ethical hacking where an authorised individual attempts to find gaps in the security of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, applications or processes with view to testing accessibility to crucial assets. The purpose is to review the robustness of security and provide management with an assessment of the cyber health and risks involved for an organisation. Wireless technology is often the first line in the perimeter network, a security gap or breach of which can have devastating flow-on impacts on an organisation’s reputation and bottom line. Gridware is well equipped to assess wireless technologies for exploits and vulnerabilities, helping validate the efficacy of defensive controls and determine what needs to be done to bolster them.

Cyber incidents undo years of efforts

Data breach and cyber crimes are the corporate nightmare of today: the dreaded scenario no one wants to face but many inevitably do. A PwC report in 2020 highlighted that 85% of customers no longer want to do business with a company if they are worried about its data practices. Each cyber incident that compromises a company’s image can be costly, negatively affecting sales and ruining reputations. Proactive testing is the primary strategy to help prevent incidents before they happen. Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty: find out how we can help your organisation.

Gridware Differentiators

Gridware is marked by its unique approach to wireless penetration testing services: proprietary methods that offer a robust examination of existing wireless networks and technologies. With teams based in Sydney and Melbourne and the ability to offer our services country-wide, we’ve rapidly developed depth of experience and an enviable list of commercial and government clients, advising the safety and security of sensitive data that may be stored on wireless networks.

Gridware is proud to be CREST (Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers) Certified, demonstrating our leadership and experience in the industry. Employing the highest quality cybersecurity talent in the market, we continue to offer our clients results that speak for themselves and have averted financial loss, reputational damage and lost time for a plethora of organisations.

The Gridware Wireless Testing Approach

Our approach helps rapidly and efficiently determine the extent to which your wireless network and technology is defensible against cyber threats by testing it against common exploits and vulnerabilities. We perform our testing from the perspective of an attacker, utilising in-house tools, vulnerability scanning and manual scripts to emulate attack incidents. 

We collect and analyse domains associated with the network through a thorough review of the network map, DNS queries, traceroutes and search engines to identify a network’s online footprint.

We listen to ports on target hosts and APIs. Listening ports indicate services running on servers that may allow unauthorised users to access systems due to misconfigurations.

This stage involves extracting relevant information from attack targets as well as application fields, buttons, actions or commands, through TLS, HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP or NetBIOS.

We use commercial tools to run systematic scans of all components of network infrastructure in order to identify any known exploits, system versions and meta-data that can be utilised in an attack.

Our consultants identify and assess wireless networks, including wireless fingerprinting, checking for information leakage and signal leakage.

Our consultants develop complete maps of the various entry points related to a wireless environment in order to provide a better understanding of pinch-points.

We review security controls against common encryption cracking methods, wireless sniffing and session hijacking.

We identify opportunities to penetrate a network by using wireless-evading WLAN access control measures, as well as exploiting the identified vulnerabilities.

We review air-gapping between networks as well as testing segmentation procedures to ensure appropriate user privileges and access private networks.


Key Benefits

Gridware’s services will help you take preventive action to avoid the cost of network recovery and downtime which may result in a wireless cyber attack. Testing is effective at mitigating the financial loss and reputational damage resulting from a wireless technology / network breach and its resulting impacts. It can be a game-changing move in helping organisations take their systems from below-average to strategically in tune with the latest threats and challenges pertaining to wireless technologies and networks.

Wireless penetration testing is a proactive way of shaping mature cybersecurity strategies by testing wireless technologies and systems before something can go wrong. 

Gridware is proud to be CREST (Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers) Certified.

Wireless Penetration Testing FAQs

It is best practice for corporate network environments and retail stores and centres to undertake Wireless technology testing at periodic intervals to reduce the risk of unauthorised breach or incident. The testing should be undertaken by a wireless penetration testing company such as Gridware.

Yes. Wireless technologies are regularly exploited by the black hat community and new methods of breaching wireless network configurations continue to advance, putting organisations at risk.

A wireless network penetration test reviews the security and integrity of your WIFI and other wireless technologies that provide an internet connection to your employees and clients. WIFI is often one of the first attack vectors in an Advantage Persistent Threat (APT) attack, therefore it is imperative that organisations review their wireless networks ability to withstand a malicious attack.

Typically, WIFI penetration testing are conducted on-site and are completed within 24-48 hours, with an additional day dedicated to reporting the findings and providing solutions for the issues identified.

The cost of wireless penetration testing will depend on the systems, infrastructure and complexity of your network. In our experience, most companies looking to undertake wifi penetration testing can require between 2-4 days of testing to complete. 

Wireless network penetration tests should be conducted regularly on all corporate and retail wireless environments to ensure common vulnerabilities and exploits are patched appropriately on all wireless devices. It is also imperative that organisations undertake the testing if WIFI is provided to members of the public through free WIFI or guest WIFI, as risk of potential issues increases.

Customer Stories

Gridware has acted for hundreds of companies and helped them recover from potentially disastrous situations. Read about how our services have helped others:


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