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ISO 27001 Implementation & Certification

Leading ISO 27001 Certification Services by our Sydney And Melbourne Consultants

Make Information Security A Priority

Building a framework to align with ISO 27001 is a great step towards improving the security maturity of your organisation. However, aligning your organisation to an industry standard such as ISO 27001 can be difficult if you don’t have the right support. Gridware offers a mature Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services that helps accelerate what is otherwise a lengthy and tedious project by utilising our best practice methodologies.

Are you ready for ISO 27001 Certification?

Each company has a unique set of data that presents an equally unique set of security risks. This is why every organisation is at a different stage of preparedness when it comes to ISO 27001. That is why we offer cost effective packages to address your existing progress for each phase of the ISO 27001 implementation project, saving you time and money.

Gridware will always prioritise cutting the cost of unnecessary tasks and services, to help you overcome the challenges you face. Our GRC specialists have helped organisations internationally achieve ISO 27001 certification in record time.

Speak with us today to learn how your organisation can benefit from ISO/IEC 27001 certification.


Why Choose Gridware for ISO 27001 Implementation

Gridware specialises in a range of risk management services that help you gain the in-depth knowledge of what your organisation needs to do to comply with ISO 27001. We have worked with organisations in a diverse range of industries based in Melbourne, Sydney and other major capital cities around Australia.

ISO 27001 Certification Process

Our ISO 27001 Certification Services are designed to optimise the time and resources required to help your organisation achieve ISO 27001 certification quickly and effectively.

1. Scoping and Planning

Develop appropriate ISMS Scope Statement and undertake a current state assessment to prepare for the risk review.

2. Risk Assessment

Identify your cyber risks across the entire information security domain. Recommend security controls and risk treatment plans for vulnerabilities.

3. Policy Development

Build the policies and procedure documentation required to ensure security controls are documented appropriately.

4. Awareness Training

Building awareness and recognition of new security policies and controls within your organisation prior to auditing.

5. Mock Stage 1/2 Audit

Undertake an internal audit of controls, review policies and provide corrective action plan prior to certification.

6. Certification

Provide a recommendation for certification with a certifying body of your choice.

Ready to take you to the next level

Gridware is marked by its comprehensive success with helping organisations achieve ISO 27001 certification. Our teams based in Sydney and Melbourne work closely with clients at their sites or remotely to deliver the programs needed to mitigate your security gaps and improvement opportunities. Our process is comprehensive, objective and always accompanied by a clear and actionable pathway to help you get certified quickly and effectively.

Gridware is a registered ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Lead Auditor with leading certification body, PECB.

How Gridware Can Help You Get ISO 27001 Certified

Gridware consultants adopt a risk-based approach to developing your organisations ISMS framework. We look at your operations and provide a benchmark that will guide the building of new cybersecurity controls. Our ISO 27001 consultants will also reviewing your collection of policies, procedures and processes before building bespoke policies that fit your organisations requirements. We have a wide variety of talented consultants that are also ISO 27001 Lead Auditors.

There are 10 key domains that are addressed under the ISO 27001 and 114 control procedures in Annexure A. This means your organisation will be audited against these categories, and where our services identify deficiencies, our consultants will work with you to implement controls that mitigate these risk areas. The key areas of assessment include:

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

Independently verify your company’s security appetite and exposure.

Mitigate risks and incorporate recommendations into your cyber security program

Ensure compliance with international standards ISO 27001, PCI DSS or NIST

Avoid costly data breaches, fines and reputational damage of non-compliance with legislation

Promote best practice information security culture in your company

Secure client and customer information

ISO 27001 Certification FAQs

It is possible to be compliant with ISO 27001 without an external service provider, however, having a consultant such as Gridware assist with the implementation of the ISO 270001 will ensure the process is faster and more streamline. Our ISO 27001 development program is created to meet the requirements of certification bodies, should you wish to pursue certification.

If you obtain certification for your ISMS with a certifying body, then generally you should conduct an internal audit or spot check every 12 months and complete a comprehensive audit every 2 years. This is because of the fast paced and changing nature of technology in enterprise and the evolving risks that apply to handling customer, employee and sensitive information.

Not necessarily. To become ISO27001 certified, you require a certifying body such as SAI GlobalBSI or PECB to certify that your ISMS meets the requirements of the ISO 27001. You can still create and maintain the documentation without the need to be certified.

An ISMS or Information Security Management System is a set of documents, procedures and guidelines created to create a compliance framework aligned with the requirements of ISO 27001. In simple terms, it means having a set of policies, procedures and processes which align with the objectives and scope of the ISO 27001 as it is relevant to your organisation. That means it’s not just an IT policy, but also key business processes, controls, audit procedures as well as principles such as commitment by senior management for continual improvement. The full list of compliance obligations required to have an ISMS will depend on the nature, size and risk appetite of your organisation.

Not necessarily. ISMS is based on the ISO 27001 standard which relates to all aspects of information security. While some components relate to Information Technology Security Techniques, the scope of the ISO 27001 includes many other aspects such as leadership, auditing, continual improvement and management. Generally speaking, an organisations most valuable asset is information that belongs to the business. Therefore, any medium where this information is used, captured, stored or managed will fall under the scope of an ISMS.

The ISO/IEC 27001, 27002 and all other published international standards must be purchased directly from the ISO store  or other reputable publisher.

Implementing an ISMS is a project taking into consideration all the compliance requirements of the ISO 27001, and meeting those requirements in your organisation. Clauses 4-10 of the ISO 27001 relating to the organisations context and scope, leadership and commitment, planning to address risk, support and awareness, operational planning, risk assessments, performance evaluation and continual improvement are all mandatory components of an ISMS. Once these requirements are met in the form of documentation, you should conduct a risk assessment of your information security. Relevant controls from Annexure A of the ISO can be used as guide to assist the organisation with implementing best practice controls.

Customer Stories

Gridware has acted for hundreds of companies and helped them recover from potentially disastrous situations. Read about how our services have helped others:


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