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Your cyber security architecture is fundamental in driving the depth at which a cyber risk or security assessment will evaluate your company. Cyber strategy involves assessing your company’s current state and defences, and looking at where you need to be to proactively prevent and detect threats against your company. It involves defining your cyber maturity, comparing it to your peers in the industry, and then using that knowledge to focus on key areas that need improvement.

Why you need to get cyber security architecture right

Your company needs to get cyber strategy and design right, otherwise you will waste valuable resources on cyber defences that are either unnecessary or premature in the big scheme of things. We recommend you understand the various areas we help businesses improve, and then make an assessment on what your company would benefit from to drive your cyber strategy and architecture.


Our Approach To Cyber Design and Architecture

Cyber security strategy is a stepping stone to understanding what cyber risks you will prioritise and what warrants further action and assessment. It’s integral in the cyber security design process and the key to ensuring you don’t waste valuable resources on other areas.

  • Cyber Risk

    Assess and understand your cyber exposure and maturity

  • Cyber Strategy

    Interpretation of cyber risks in combination with business objectives

  • Security Program

    Cyber and information security program that outlines business continuity and processes

  • Monitoring and Testing

    Regular testing, spot checks, incident response management, compliance and governance

  • Continuous Improvement

    Utilise data analytics to adapt architecture and design to changing dynamics and future threats

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Elements of Your Cyber Security Strategy

We’ve identified some of many factors that will affect how you shape your cyber security design and strategy.

Effective Information Security Policies

Most companies subjected to a cyber breach have been compromised on the back of unclear information security policies that lead to poor implementation and lack of focus on the design areas that really matter. Depending on the size, complexity and industry of your business, your information security policy will need to be guided by your cyber strategy to ensure there is management oversight in the right areas, and that detection and monitoring are appropriately assigned to the responsible people in your business. Your company also needs oversight into the information security programs of your key service providers.

Staff Cyber Training

Research has shown that cyber awareness training offers invaluable protection against the threat of social engineering. Social engineering has been classed as one of the single largest threats for data leak given the high likelihood of human error. According to research, close to 90% of all data breaches are caused by human error, making it one of the largest risk factors in assessing your cyber maturity. Gridware actively works to run award-winning seminars, workshops and training assessments to help improve staff cyber knowledge and awareness. With effective policies and training, threats such as phishing, scams and malware can be mitigated at the source when your employees are armed with the knowledge to detect and prevent.

Cyber Insurance

Data leaks can not just cause financial damage, but the effect on company reputation can far outweigh the former. Often when traditional protection falls short, cyber insurance is another line of defence in reducing the impact of a breach. Things you may need to consider when looking for cyber insurance are that you are covered for data liability, meaning the financial consequences of a data breach and unauthorised access to sensitive customer and client information. It is also worthy considering protection for cyber espionage or extortion, often referred to as ransomware, being the theft of data from your company being extorted by an attacker for a ransom payment. Finally, and in light of recent changes to Australian legislation, it may be worthwhile having your cyber insurance cover you for fines which may result from failing to report a data breach to the Privacy commissioner. We can work with you and your insurance broker to assess and recommend the appropriate cyber insurance for your business.

Privacy and Compliance

With recent changes to the Privacy Act, in addition to new regulations by the EU GDPR, we can guide your team to understanding your procedures and systems need to adapt to comply with the law. We also work with your teams to integrate those regulations and standards into company procedures. Gridware can review the benefits of implementing existing technologies on the market that might make managing compliance with these laws more economical for you. for example, instead of hosting customer information on secure servers in the cloud, we could asset off-site backup technologies that might be more suitable for your business, or vice-versa. You can rely on us to manage your legislative requirements because we’re not just cyber security experts, but we’re compliance, risk and governance experts.

Extent of Cyber Security Solutions

Any cyber security strategy will have a technical aspect in addition to risk-based assessments of your company’s cyber security exposure. It is best to have your security architecture analysed in light of the services or products you offer, to ensure your cyber security strategy is heading in the right direction. There are abundant resources out there that can be utilised in your business to help improve security, but it can be burdensome and overwhelming to decide where resources should be prioritised. Gridware can provide you with industry experts who can advise on the best cyber security solutions your company can implement to improve security and comply with regulation.

Cyber Risk

Managing your risks is fundamental in preventing cyber crime and protecting many aspects of your business include confidential data, your revenue and reputation. A cyber strategy is defined by what cyber risks, when effectively managed, will offer the best overall outcome to your business objectives. The link is vital and the relationship between cyber risk and cyber strategy is synonymous. A well planned cyber strategy will ensure you protect not only company data, but the financial health and customer confidence in your service. Work with Gridware to turn your company security ideals from ideas to a comprehensively implemented cyber security programs.

Security Vulnerabilities

What many anti-virus software doesn’t pick up or assess, is the fact that most cyber breaches will occur from zero day exploits, bugs in software which is not known to the original vendor, make normal and ‘safe’ everyday software vulnerable for attack. The issue with zero day exploits, is often knowledge of their existence is only known on the deep web, and often inaccessible to the everyday analyst. Gridware has a comprehensive presence and knowledge of deep web vulnerabilities, as well as in-house developed tools, to regularly scan all installed software across a network, and cross-check our vulnerability database for security exploits. This is a key area that is overlooked in traditional cyber security audits, and one we are proactively mitigating.

Technical Due Diligence

Whether entities are being assessed for mergers and acquisitions or venture capitalists looking to invest, a thorough review of existing cyber security architecture assessments can be conducted on the product or software the entity is providing, the policies and procedures that govern the entity or any existing security vulnerabilities that might affect the integrity of the business. We can use specialised tools to perform penetration tests to determine if a cyber breach was ever possible with their existing systems and defences.

Cyber Risk Assessments and Audit (FAQs)

What is cyber strategy?

Cyber security strategy is the plan of action an enterprise puts in place when they define their cyber risks and plan to mitigate them. Defining your cyber strategy is the stepping stone to a comprehensive cyber security program which deals with procedures, protocols and responsibilities.

How do I come up with a cyber strategy?

A cyber strategy is decided after having your cyber maturity and cyber risks assessed. It is influenced by your business objectives and the vision for where your company needs to be to proactively protect against threats.

What are the elements that influence cyber strategy decision making?

Your business objectives and cyber risks are the main factors which drive cyber strategy, but there are various other factors which will contribute to the strategy. One such influence is the degree of digital solutions implemented by company, and perhaps any anticipated reliance on digital solutions will impact the extent of your cyber security strategy. For example, if you intend to move your business to the cloud, then it’s necessary to consider how the cyber risks might change in the future. Some questions to consider are: what are your threats? where is the company heading with digital solutions? what are the digital opportunities? what is the cyber maturity of peers in the industry? Furthermore, how will options such as cyber insurance affect the extent of your cyber security solutions?

What does a good cyber security strategy look like?

Defining any strategy is a difficult task for any company. A successful cyber security strategy will tell you where the company is trying to go, and how it will get there. More importantly, it will tell you why. A good strategy will logically link your business objectives through to the cyber security program. It should be based on your information risk appetite and business objectives and done in a way that will engage the business to help achieve compliance with the program.

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What Our Customers Say

  • "Gridware is the cybersecurity company that compeititors look up to. Knowing where the security gaps are within our applications before go-live gives us peace of mind that we are actively protecting our customer data. What differentiates Gridware from other companies is that when they start working, it is like we gain a valuable internal resource."

    IT Manager Nikon Australia
  • "With Gridware, we gained a valuable security partner to review our IT programs across various large projects across Australia. It saved us having to build our security expertise from scratch. They're flexible, thorough and quick with solutions. An agile vendor, one of the best we have worked with."

    Marsha Wilson Director, IT and Innovation
  • "Gridware is an intelligent company. The team has worked with us to identify and solve a number of cyber risks. It has been a pleasure working with Gridware."

    Mark Knowlton former CIO, Macquarie Bank

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In an increasingly digital Australia, organisations are looking for ways to improve their cyber resilience. That’s where Gridware comes in. Our talent team of governance, risk and compliance professionals work with you to address a variety of threat vectors to best mitigate your security vulnerabilities. Team up with Gridware and transform your cyber risk strategy.

With headquarters in Sydney Australia, we combine local talent and market-leading technologies to help organisations out-innovate attackers.

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