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Today’s Enterprise risks are
constantly evolving. Evolve faster.

As a leading cyber security consulting company, we understand that key Enterprise cyber risks are constantly changing. From ransomware and cryptolocker virus to phishing scams and brute force/DDoS attacks, cyber threat actors are consistently innovating to meet their objectives.


Engagements per year

10,000 hours

responding to cyber attacks/year

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What makes us different

We partner deeply with clients to understand their needs, working closely and iteratively to provide robust, best-in-class security solutions


A nationally recognised cyber security company having completed hundreds of data breach investigations globally.


Our company leaders are at the forefront of research for cyber security in Australia, having built industry partnerships with Australia’s leading universities.

Market-leading talent

We employ the best talent to ensure any cyber event experienced by our clients is addressed quickly, effectively and by people at the peak in their fields. 

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Proprietary Security Services ready to scale
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Gridware is proud to be a thought-leader in cybersecurity, creating and leading conversations in this space. Check out a selection of our published work from our Sydney based Cyber Defence Centre (CDC), and learn how our cyber expertise has led to partnerships with leading Australian Universities.

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LockBit’s Back After Police Takedown

Tangerine Telecom Breach Hits 232,000 Customers

Trusted cyber security partner to leading Australian organisations.