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The world of cybersecurity lives on proactive as well as reactive controls that aim to protect, detect, respond and recover from security issues. There is no quick fix for the evolving cyber threat facing business globally. Like any risk in business, the risk must be identified, managed through good business procedures, hardened with multiple lines of defense, and monitored for exceptions. The problem with the information security field is that it is constantly evolving and hackers are getting smarter. The team at Gridware will help you take a smarter and easier approach to securing your business.

Just some of the amazing things we do

Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing
We test the security of your company infrastructure, firewall, websites, applications and software. At the end we provide you a report and fix all the issues.
Policy Development
Policy Development
We help you develop the right policies and procedures aligned with Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and best practice international standards.
Awareness Training
Awareness Training
Empower your employees with knowledge and skills to combat sophisticated phishing, malware and social engineering attempts.
Incident Response
Incident Response
Forensic investigation and assessment of breaches or potential breaches with a full report, containment and remediation by our expert team.

The top enterprise cyber risks in 2018

67% vulnerable to ransomware or cryptolocker attack
29% risk data breach via web application exploit
45% malicious email resulting in phishing attempt
24% risk DDoS attack against critical infrastructure
32% risk data breach via third party supply chain
18% unauthorised access via brute force attack

Malware Affecting Businesses

KRACK WPA2 Exploit
WannaCry & WannaCry2 ransomware

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We’re not kidding – let’s book a coffee, on us. Cyber risks are big issues – and we want to help you sleep at night. 

Where we add value right away



Our cyber security consultants will conduct a comprehensive information security review will look at all your business processes and procedures, the integrity of existing systems and applications, and will address all the areas where your business has a risk exposure. Our report will provide detailed analysis of existing vulnerabilities our experts identify, and potential solutions.



Live Monthly Penetration tests, in combination with hardening tools, will help your business mitigate security risks. We also provide face-to-face training for your employees to improve cyber awareness and prevent human error that occurs from malicious social engineering.



Being one of the leading cyber security  service providing company, our professional team is committed to produce data analytics of key areas of your business and put systems and tools in place to detect when a breach occurs.

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Training for the modern workplace

Our cyber and information security training is designed for the modern workplace. The training modules cover all the cyber risks relevant to Australian large enterprises and SMEs. In addition, we align those modules to international standards ISO 27001. We offer online training, as well as face-to-face workshops in our Sydney office that are bespoke for your business.


We offer face-to-face workshops at your business to cover how to better identify and mitigate cyber security threats, evaluate system performance and improve business processes and procedures.


Utilise our best-in-class knowledge of the industry with a collection of pre-made presentations and multiple choice questions designed for Governance, Risk & Compliance and HR teams to adapt to any internal LMS system.


Our online training modules helps you understand industry level best practices when it comes to cybersecurity and information technology compliance. It covers aspects of social engineering, phishing, ransomware and more.


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Let’s be honest, we’re not a team of 100. We’re a specialised firm ready to deliver a premium service. We are one of the leading cyber security consulting company in Australia servicing ASX listed organisations in Sydney and Melbourne. We are customer focused, so you won’t just be a number with us, you’ll be a happy customer. We are really passionate about helping your business keep its information secure.


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