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Our Story

about us

Who we are and why we’re here

Gridware is one of the leading cyber security solutions providers in Australia, delivering world-class outcomes for our customers. We are uniquely positioned as an independent advisor, giving clients the confidence that they have mitigated their cyber security risks.

Our mission is to help people, governments and businesses around the world defend themselves against cybercrime, reducing their cyber risk in the connected world.

our story

Founded in Australia in 2017, Gridware has grown to become one of Australia’s leading cybersecurity firms.

Our mission is help out-innovate hackers by driving and delivering real innovation in the cyber security industry.

By continuing to build a local team with amazing talent, we will help organisations grow confidently by empowering their cyber resiliency.

We have quickly become an emerging playing in the Australian cyber security landscape by offering a suite of customer-focused consulting services that not only mitigates your security vulnerabilities, but keeps the clients objectives and requirements top-of-mind.

Our talented team of local professionals bring a breadth of expertise to the table, offering cyber security risk advisory, penetration testing, and incident response services in a way that is efficient and scalable.

Key Differentiators

Four reasons why our customers continue to choose us


We are a nationally recognised leader in cyber security having completed hundreds of data breach investigation globally.


Our company leaders are at the forefront of security research in Australia, having industry partnerships with Australia’s leading universities.


We apply best practice standards in the work we do and take a risk-based approach to ensure information security is addressed holistically and not just technically.


We employ the best talent to ensure any cyber event experience by your organisation is addressed quickly and effectively.


with big reach

Cyber Security Company Australia

Criminals no longer want the key to vault, they want your data. And with this emerging risk facing all businesses that move become digital it creates a need for a new kind of security hero. Gridware is all about helping companies stay secure. We are a specialised team of cyber security professionals with years of experience providing high quality information security advisory and penetration testing to Australia’s best companies. We’re not just good at what we do, our leadership team teach the new generation of cyber security talent at universities in Australia. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep organisations safe from data breaches. We’re a small team, with a big heart, that you can trust to deliver world-class ethical hacking and cyber security expertise.

Our Core Values

These are the values that guide our business and our brand.
These six values will help shape the company as we continue to grow.

Customer First

Ensure we consider the customers perspective first in all the work we do.

Open Company

To do all we can to ensure transparency and honesty with our employees and customers.

Sincerity and Integrity

To encourage and foster good qualities in ourselves and others.

Be the best you can be

To actively seek opportunities for growth and personal improvement


To give our life and work equal passion and effort to maximise our productivity.

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Our Strategy

Our mission to become the world’s leading cybersecurity provider

  • Talent

    Our ability to retain the best-in-class cyber consultants makes us an ideal partner

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be globally recognised as leading cybersecurity consultancy firm

  • Core Capabilities

    Our strength is people and knowledge which helps us build strong customer relationships

  • Strategy

    Deliver a superior customer experience that helps keep businesses secure against cyber threats

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