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Incident Response Retainers

Gridware’s Incident Response Retainers ensure immediate access to our Digital Forensics and Incident Response experts when a cyber attack strikes.

Manage a Cyber Crisis with On-Demand Access to Our Panel of Experts

Why Opt for Gridware's Incident Response Retainer?

In a landscape where the repercussions of security breaches are intensifying, proactive measures like early detection and immediate response are more than necessary – they’re crucial. Yet, the reality is that the bandwidth of most IT security teams is at capacity, and in some cases, businesses may lack the necessary in-house security expertise. This could potentially escalate the risk of extended attacker dwell time and consequent severe damages.

The implementation of an Incident Response Retainer with Gridware significantly minimises the length and fallout of a cyber security breach. Through a pre-arranged contract, we are able to eliminate costly delays, granting you peace of mind and operational continuity. Additionally, this strategic approach could unlock incentives from your cybersecurity insurance provider.

Why Gridware's Incident Response Retainer Excels Beyond Basics

At Gridware, we function as a seamless extension of your team, mitigating the need for extensive training and maintenance of in-house incident responders – saving you both time and cost. We understand that cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Hence, we take pride in going the extra mile, delivering comprehensive and adaptable Incident Response Retainer services, tailored specifically for your needs in Australia.

Choose Gridware’s Incident Response Retainer, where we stand ready to shield your business from cybersecurity threats. With us, it’s not just about responding – it’s about providing proactive, immediate, and personalised protection for your peace of mind.

Immediate Access to Forensics

As a cybersecurity company, we know very well how immediate response is critical. Your organisation will require our highly trained digital forensic and incident response experts to immediately triage and contain an incident, without the headache of the administrative delay that comes with sourcing and engaging a suitable provider. The Incident Response Retainer ensures this is possible with a team of experts on standby 24/7 to manage to assist your organisation.

Triage and Containment

A vital component of Gridware's Incident Response Retainer is the assured proficiency and resource pool to adeptly triage, contain, and remediate any incident. Our specialised Digital Forensic and Incident Response team, with robust experience in managing a multitude of cyber-attacks across Australia and globally, stands ready to provide on-demand capability that confidently handles intricate cybersecurity breaches.

Expert Threat Detection and Analysis

Our Sydney-based Cyber Defence Centre is where you can rely on proactive threat detection and analysis capabilities to enhance your organisations cyber defences. This means highly trained professionals that you can call to investigate signs of unusual or suspicious activity. Leveraging our expert team means improving your ability to recognise false-positives or identify security threats very early in their track.

Post-Incident Review and Investigations

Gridware's forensic expertise, trusted by leading Cyber Insurers globally, provides a thorough post-incident review. We pinpoint the root cause, outline the breach timeline, and assess threat actor activities. Our impact evaluation informs strategic recommendations, and findings are condensed into a comprehensive report, fortifying your cybersecurity resilience for the future.

Our Team Certifications

Flexible, Cost-Effective and Easy To Setup

At Gridware, we’ve built flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of setup into our Incident Response Retainer services. We work to understand your unique needs, offering tailored solutions without hidden costs or unnecessary extras. Our streamlined setup process ensures rapid deployment and minimal disruption. An additional benefit is our unique retainer claw-back feature, allowing any unused portion of your retainer to be applied towards our other cybersecurity services. This guarantees every dollar invested with us is used to its maximum potential.

Benefits of an incident response retainer

Immediate Access

Prepaid hours under agreement to ensure immediate engagement without any legal hurdles in times of crisis

Reliable Response Time

Response time you can depend on when you need it most, enabling effective incident response


Any prepaid hours not used for incidents under the retainer can be repurposed for other cyber consulting services

On-Demand Assistance

Prepaid incident response retainer hours for immediate assistance, facilitating a faster response and resolution

Incident Response Retainer FAQs

An Incident Response Retainer is a pre-established agreement with a cybersecurity provider that ensures immediate and efficient response to any cybersecurity incident. This proactive approach offers peace of mind to businesses, knowing they have experts ready to jump into action when needed.

An Incident Response Retainer is crucial in today’s volatile cybersecurity landscape. It minimises downtime and potential damages from a cyberattack by ensuring quick response and resolution. Moreover, having this service in place demonstrates a commitment to security, which can be advantageous for regulatory compliance and client trust.

When you engage in an Incident Response Retainer, the service provider conducts an initial review of your cybersecurity landscape. After this, a team is always on standby to provide immediate assistance when a cybersecurity incident occurs. The scope of work is agreed upon upfront, facilitating faster response and resolution.

Benefits of an Incident Response Retainer include immediate access to expert help in the event of a cyberattack, clear service level agreements, proactive risk management through initial environment review, and prepaid, on-demand assistance. It also offers versatility in the usage of prepaid hours, which can be repurposed for other consulting services if not used for incidents.

Setting up an Incident Response Retainer involves contacting a trusted cybersecurity service provider, like Gridware, that offers this service. The provider will guide you through the setup process, including understanding your unique cybersecurity needs, outlining the scope of work, agreeing on service levels, and arranging the prepaid hours.


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