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Wireless Penetration Testing Services

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Wireless Penetration Testing Services for Australian Companies

Wireless technology is often the first line in the perimeter network. A security gap or breach could have devastating flow-on affects to your company’s reputation and bottom line. Gridware is a leader in assessing wireless technologies for exploits and vulnerabilities. Our wireless penetration testing services have been used across Australia to ensure the safety and security of sensitive data that may be stored. If you believe that you need more information regarding our services, get in touch with either our Sydney or Melbourne team today to discover exactly how we can help your business.

Corporate and Retail Wireless Audit Services

Gridware’s penetration testing team actively works to reduce the attack surface of your applications to stop known and unknown attacks from eventuating.

What We Know About Wireless Security

Corporate networks are primary targets for Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks that allow hackers to intercept and receive data over secure wireless networks¹

Common targets for MITM wireless attacks include corporate lobbies, retail shopping centre and public/Guest WIFI’s²

Average Application Exploited 200 Days

Average cost of lost business after a data breach is $4.13 million (AUD)³

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Our Wireless Penetration Testing Services Workflow

  • Reconnaissance

    Our testers look to identify and map your wireless networks, including wireless fingerprinting, checking for information leakage and signal leakage

  • Mapping your network

    We develop complete maps of the various entry points related to your wireless environment to provide a better understanding of pinch-points

  • Determining encryption weakness

    In this phase we review security controls against common encryption cracking methods, wireless sniffing and session hijacking

  • Offensive assessment

    We identify opportunities to penetrate a network by using wireless evading WLAN access control measures, as well as exploiting the identified vulnerabilities

  • Segmentation

    We review air gapping between your networks as well as testing your segmentation procedures to ensure appropriate user privileges and access private networks

Combining Best Practices with PTES and OSSTM

All security assessments performed by Gridware are conducted in accordance with industry leading methodologies, such as the ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) standard, Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and others covered under the Open Source Security Testing Methodology (OSSTM). Our wireless penetration testing services also assess your wireless network for exposure to common vulnerabilities and exploits include:

  •  Weak security protocols
  • KRACK vulnerability
  • Weak administrative and privilege user credentials
  • Evil Twin attack
  • WPA enterprise misconfiguration
  • Client station problem information disclosure

The Benefits and Deliverables

To make it easy for our customers, we’ve broken down the benefits of web application penetration testing by looking at their specific pain points. We have also provided a clear list of all the deliverables customers get from testing engagements and the benefits of teaming up with Gridware.

Your Benefits

  • Ensure compliance with best practice standards
  • Audit the security of your public facing wireless internet networks
  • Prevent breach of unauthorised access into your secure network
  • Reduce the risk of a data leak by malicious attack
  • Harden your wireless network devices to latest security patches to reduce risk of vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Provide independent verification that your network is secure
  • Detect existing exploits in your wireless network before they result in a data breach

  • Detailed information on the vulnerabilities identified;
  • Example of exploits to demonstrate the impact of the vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of the risk the vulnerability or findings may expose to the business
  • Detailed guidance on how to remediate the vulnerabilities identified
  • Presentation of the final outcomes including remediation activities
Why Choose Gridware Wireless Penetration Testing Services

  • We put the customer first
  • Superior findings and quality reports
  • Our testers are all CREST certified
  • Gridware has a vigorous selection process for testers resulting in Australia’s most talented testing team
  • Our team regularly participate in bug bounty challenges
  • We have worked with global brands
  • Australian based team that can come onsite

Don’t be caught asleep! 85% of Customers
will never do business with you again

Don’t become another number. Preserve your company reputation and customer loyalty by investing in security. Trust is something that needs to be earned. A recent report by PwC showed 85% of consumers will not do business with a company if they are not confident about its security. Recent figures show that by 2021, more than 5000 Australian companies would have suffered a data breach.

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If you are looking for trusted wireless penetration testing services in Sydney or Melbourne, reach out to one of our offices. We are the experts that you can depend on. Keep your Board and senior management happy by using our world-class talent to help you close gaps and ensure the integrity of your customer data and information. Gridware has extensive experience preventing cyber breaches before they occur. Our team are recognised as some of Australia’s best. With headquarters in Sydney, Australia – our team services companies nation-wide with a presense in Melbourne and Brisbane.


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Wireless Penetration Testing FAQs

What is a wireless network penetration test?

A wireless network penetration test reviews the security and integrity of your WIFI and other wireless technologies that provide an internet connection to your employees and clients. WIFI is often one of the first attack vectors in an Advantage Persistent Threat (APT) attack, therefore it is imperative that organisations review their wireless networks ability to withstand a malicious attack.

How long does a wireless network penetration test take to complete?

Typically, WIFI penetration testing are conducted on-site and are completed within 24-48 hours, with an additional day dedicated to reporting the findings and providing solutions for the issues identified.

How much does a wireless network penetration test cost?

Wireless network penetration tests costs typically range between $4,500 to $10,000 excluding tax, depending on the length and complexity of the testing required.

When should I conduct a wireless penetration test?

Wireless network penetration tests should be conducted regularly on all corporate and retail wireless environments to ensure common vulnerabilities and exploits are patched appropriately on all wireless devices. It is also imperative that organisations undertake the testing if WIFI is provided to members of the public through free WIFI or guest WIFI, as risk of potential issues increases.

Who is required to undertaken wireless penetration test?

It is best practice for corporate network environments and retail stores and centres to undertake WIFI penetration testing at periodic intervals to reduce the risk of unauthorised breach or incident.

We use WPA2 or similar encryption methodologies for our wireless connections, do I still need to conduct a wireless penetration test?

Yes. Wireless technologies are regularly exploited by the black hat community and new methods of breaching wireless network configurations continue to advance, putting organisations at risk.

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What Our Customers Say

  • "Gridware is the cybersecurity company that compeititors look up to. Knowing where the security gaps are within our applications before go-live gives us peace of mind that we are actively protecting our customer data. What differentiates Gridware from other companies is that when they start working, it is like we gain a valuable internal resource."

    IT Manager Nikon Australia
  • "With Gridware, we gained a valuable security partner to review our IT programs across various large projects across Australia. It saved us having to build our security expertise from scratch. They're flexible, thorough and quick with solutions. An agile vendor, one of the best we have worked with."

    Marsha Wilson Director, IT and Innovation
  • "Gridware is an intelligent company. The team has worked with us to identify and solve a number of cyber risks. It has been a pleasure working with Gridware."

    Mark Knowlton former CIO, Macquarie Bank
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