Gridware Case Study: How we helped fintech leader Astute Wheel


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In any complex financial business environment, malicious threat actors have multiple points of entry into technological systems and security mechanisms. 


Astute Wheel is a leading Australian-owned fintech company that offers financial planning software and estate planning tools to financial advisers, accountants, and lawyers. To ensure that they could continue to operate at their best abilities, they engaged with Gridware for a web application penetration test.


Although Astute Wheel’s team was capable of evaluating their own cybersecurity procedures, the organisation required expert evaluation of potential security vulnerabilities and their accompanying remedial efforts. To do this, Astute Wheel’s security team decided to engage Gridware to conduct a web application penetration test. 

The Solution

All testing was done with the goal of determining whether the systems, infrastructure, and applications may be compromised or are vulnerable to compromise. 

Gridware utilised several industry leading approaches to assist in the delivery of high-quality testing engagements. The international standard ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems, which provides a risk-based method to analysing and mitigating cyber risks, serves as a framework for these principles.  

Gridware also employed the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), Open Web Application Security Protocols (OWASP), and the Open-Source Security Testing Methodology in addition to the international standard (OSSTM). 

While no critical or his risk vulnerabilities were uncovered, Gridware identified a medium and a few low risk items that could be improved in Astute Wheel’s cybersecurity architecture, which were addressed through professional advice from the penetration testing team. 

After Astute Wheel’s development team determined that all potential vulnerabilities had been addressed, Gridware conducted re-verification testing. This guaranteed that all changes were made efficiently and that no complications arose. 

The Outcome

As Gridware’s testing was done in a staged development environment, Astute Wheel’s online platform was not disrupted. As a result, they were able to boost client and board confidence while maintaining the highest degree of security governance and regulatory compliance. 

"It was a pleasure working with the Gridware Team. They were thorough, efficient and easy to work with."
Michael Topper
Director, Astute Wheel
"Having worked with Gridware for a number of years, we trust them to advise us on our security posture. Their recommendations are critical to defending us against cyber attacks."
Mark Knowlton
CTO, Openwork


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