Gridware CloudControl 360: Comprehensive Cloud Security Simplified

Seamless Protection Across Your Cloud Ecosystem – Efficient, Agile, Secure

First Ever Multi-Cloud Protection with Unrivaled Expertise

Embrace the next generation of cloud security with Gridware CloudControl 360. Our platform transforms cloud security management by integrating cutting-edge technology that offers a panoramic view of your cloud environment. Additionally, by integrating with Gridware 360, you ensure seamless ASD Essential 8 compliance, creating a robust, unified cybersecurity framework. We provide a unified solution for vulnerability management, access control, and security policy enforcement, all underpinned by our expert-driven approach to keeping your data safe and your operations seamless.

Unified Multi-Cloud Visibility

With Gridware CloudControl 360, you get real-time insights across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, ensuring not just compliance, but also a proactive stance against threats. Access precise inventories and dynamic topology visualizations on-demand, all centralized in a single console. Continuously monitored for security risks, over-permissions, and expenditure anomalies, ensuring comprehensive multi-cloud visibility.

Proactive Threat Mitigation & Rapid Response

Gridware empowers swift action against critical security threats before they’re exploited. By meticulously identifying and profiling security, compliance, and expenditure risks, it ensures agile responses. Contextual alerts group affected resources, offering detailed remediation steps for fortified cloud security.

Cloud Visibility

Easily view AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes. Continually analyze for security risks, access issues, and expenditure anomalies.

Fast Security Fixes

Automatically identify, profile security risks, and compliance issues. Receive contextual alerts, remediation steps, and guided responses for swift action.

Cost Optimisation

Track multiple cloud services on a single screen for improved visibility. Receive independent cost reduction recommendations and identify compromise indicators.

Ensure Compliance

Automate compliance assessments, save time mapping ISO27001 or ASD Essential 8, and generate audit-ready reports instantly for seamless adherence to regulations.

DevOps Security

Prevent vulnerabilities pre-development. Seamlessly integrate Gridware security checks in development stages, scanning container images and infrastructure templates.

Seamless Integration

Programmatic access via REST API. Integrate effortlessly with SIEM and DevOps tools, streamlining security operations for enhanced efficiency.

Streamlined Identity Governance & Access Control

Simplify complex Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles with Gridware. Visualize intricate relationships, effortlessly managing access privileges across users, groups, and cloud services. Gridware provides actionable guidance, preempting over-privileged IAM access before exploitation.

Agile Security Integration for DevOps

Seamlessly embed Gridware into your DevOps cycle to preempt vulnerabilities pre-deployment. Integrate Gridware’s security and compliance checks at any development stage without compromising production environments, ensuring security aligns with the pace of DevOps workflows.

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