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AutoSpill Vulnerability Hits Android


A new vulnerability known as AutoSpill has emerged. It affects password managers, which are supposed to securely manage and autofill our login details. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening: 

What is the AutoSpill Vulnerability? 

AutoSpill is a security gap that affects the way password managers on Android devices handle autofill operations. Normally, when you log into a service, your password manager automatically fills in your credentials. This process is supposed to be secure. However, researchers have found that due to a lack of strict enforcement of security measures by Android, sensitive information could be captured by malicious applications. 

How Does It Work? 

Password managers typically use something called a ‘WebView’ – a component that allows them to display web content within the app. It’s like having a browser inside the application. When you use the autofill feature, your password manager uses this WebView to input your credentials into login forms. 

The problem arises when a malicious app mimics a login page to trick the autofill service into revealing your information. This can happen even without the need for complex techniques like JavaScript injection, which is often employed by attackers to steal information. 

How AutoSpill Operates 

  1. When logging into a service, password managers typically use WebView to display web content within apps. 
  2. During login, these managers automatically populate your credentials using this WebView component. 
  3. Malicious apps can pose as legitimate services to deceive the autofill feature into releasing your details. 
  4. The exploit can occur without the sophisticated hacking methods like JavaScript injection, making it stealthy and hard to detect. 

Scope and Severity 

Although these applications are considered reliable, AutoSpill reveals that even the most secure software can be susceptible to novel threats. The breadth of the issue was confirmed through testing, with some managers leaking user data without any JavaScript injection. 

Comparison of Android password managers' susceptibility to AutoSpill without JavaScript support, as analysed in the Black Hat Europe research presentation. (Source)

Proactive Measures and Fixes 

Considering the AutoSpill vulnerability, developers are actively updating password managers to address this issue. For users, it is important to regularly update these applications and be vigilant about the permissions you grant to apps. 

Looking Ahead 

With threats like AutoSpill coming to light, making sure you stay informed is key to protecting your credentials. Our blog will focus on providing you with detailed, actionable updates on these emerging challenges. To keep you informed and prepared, our security blog provides regular, detailed updates on current vulnerabilities. 

Ahmed Khanji

Ahmed Khanji

Ahmed Khanji is the CEO of Gridware, a leading cybersecurity consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. An emerging thought leader in cybersecurity, Ahmed is an Adjunct Professor at Western Sydney University and regularly contributes to cybersecurity conversations in Australia. As well as his extensive background as a security advisor to large Australian Enterprises, he is a regular keynote speaker and guest lecturer on offensive cybersecurity topics and blockchain.


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