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Log Management Services

Streamline your security posture and exceed regulatory compliance needs for log collecting, storage, and reporting.

Restore your Managed Security

Gridware is characterised by its market-leading approach to cybersecurity services: our skilled teams focus on fact-gathering efficiency, response time, and instant impact delivery. Our expert team in Sydney and Melbourne provide critical information and data into your company’s security posture to allow your organisation to achieve the perfect balance between security and productivity.

Implement a Dependable and Reliable Log Management System

Gridware offers a versatile method for collecting large amounts of log data in a client’s environment. Our log retention solution is installed in your infrastructure and collects log data from the numerous products in your organisation.

Depending on your organisation’s specific needs, Gridware will assess the suitability of log management technologies. For example, your organisation may require either open source technologies such as Elastic ELK Stack, or commercial log management solutions such as Splunk. Our expert consultants will determine the best log management strategy for your business, taking into account your compliance requirements, visionary goals, and budget.

Gridware is technologically agnostic, meaning we will not force your organisation to implement technological measures that we believe are unnecessary.

On a 24/7 basis, our system collects, archives, and analyses logs created by virtually any security technology and vital information asset. Gridware satisfies log retention requirements for NERC CIP, PCI, FFIEC, SOX, HIPAA and other regulations.

Gain comprehensive visibility and control over your log management

Gridware supports a comprehensive collection of sources, enabling the gathering and aggregation of log traffic generated by a client's information assets. Clients are given the technology, experience, and scale required to implement an effective log management system that satisfies regulatory compliance and security objectives.

Features of our Log Management Suite

Our specialists in Sydney and Melbourne are equipped with the knowledge, accreditation and expertise to strike the ultimate balance between security and company productivity.

Log Collection

To collect logs efficiently, each log type will be properly defined, collected and uploaded.

Log Consolidation

Consolidating all logs in one place gives you immediate, actionable insights, all from the cloud.

Log Storage

Storing critical logs for a long duration is essential for auditing and maintaining log standards and compliance.

Log Indexing

With Gridware's ability to differentiate between log formats for more than twenty application-related logs, logs are indexed quickly from across servers.

Log Analysis

Gridware will analyse every event and every single line of code to debug issues and anomalies and identifying the root cause of performance degradation.

Log investigation

Gridware will search a plethora of different logs, filtering out the required ones, and viewing the filtered and analysed data using intuitive dashboards and reports.

Benefits of Log Management and Compliance

Improve Incident Response

Forensically accurate log data will allow your organisation to more effectively investigate incident response matters.

Eliminate Management Overhead

With no business downtime, your organisation can focus on productivity with a fully managed log solution.

24/7 Troubleshooting

Using 24/7 readily available logs, troubleshoot your security and network and accelerate your own ability to upkeep log management and security.

Satisfy Local and International Regulations

Exceed log retention requirements for NERC CIP, PCI, FFIEC, SOX, HIPAA and other regulations with fewer resources and investments.

Secure your Organisation for Life

Deploy an accredited solution that not only meets your present needs, but can expand and grow with you as log retention requirements increase.

Preassembled Regulatory Compliance Reports

Meet resource and store requirements necessary to maintain an efficient log management system, with the help of our expert consultants.

Log Management FAQs

Log Management is an umbrella term that encompasses all of the activities and procedures involved in the generation, collection, centralisation, parsing, transmission, storage, archiving, and disposal of large amounts of computer-generated log data.

Log management technologies are used to handle any logs generated by apps, systems, networks, software, or users and deal with them in whatever way that best matches an enterprise or organization’s needs.

Inadequate logging and monitoring vulnerability occurs when a security-critical event is not adequately logged off and the system is not monitored. The absence of such functionalities can make malicious activity more difficult to detect, affecting the incident control process.

Log Management should be conducted by an external service provider to ensure there is zero bias in the testing and remediation process. Gridware is technologically agnostic, meaning we will not force your organisation to implement technological measures that we believe are unnecessary.

It also ensures that the investigation is run independently from the business by technical experts who are familiar with the latest developments in exploits and both international and industry standards.

Customer Stories

Gridware has acted for hundreds of companies and helped them recover from potentially disastrous situations. Read about how our services have helped others:


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