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Managed SIEM Services

With Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) monitoring, triage, and alerting, you can anticipate and quickly identify risks across systems, networks, and devices.

Simplify your Managed Security

Gridware is distinguished by its market-leading approach to managed cybersecurity services: our expert teams prioritise fact-gathering efficiency, response time, and immediate impact delivery. Our skilled staff in Sydney and Melbourne provide essential information and data into your company’s security posture, allowing your organisation to achieve the ideal mix of security and efficiency.

Turn SIEM into effective incident response

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software solutions are used by businesses of all kinds to detect and respond to potential IT security risks.

The distinguishing feature of SIEM tools is that they collect information in the form of event logs from all IT assets on the network. These event logs are shown in a single interface where an experienced security analyst can modify and organise the data to find Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

Gridware’s managed SIEM service collects threat intelligence from many sources, analyses potential risks, creates threat use cases, and makes these results readily available to you for further investigation.

We monitor every possible SIEM alarm, determining which are relevant, assessing possible threats, and providing remediation activities if they pose a risk to your organisation’s security.

Detect and respond to threats and attacks

With managed SIEM as part of Gridware's Managed Security Services and Response, you can go well beyond the expectation of simple security event monitoring to help protect your organisation from exploitation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Features of our SIEM Management Suite

Our specialists in Sydney and Melbourne are equipped with the knowledge, accreditation and expertise to strike the ultimate balance between security and company productivity.

Every aspect of your network, monitored

Your SIEM infrastructure is intricately monitored 24/7 by our team of advanced security experts and analysts.

Every alarm and incident, investigated

Our analyst team reviews every possible SIEM alarm, determining which ones are relevant, so your organisation frees up time and expenses to focus on increasing productivity.

Every decision, a collaborative effort

We'll provide detail, context, and recommendations to your internal response team on how to respond to and remediate detected threats quickly and effectively - tailored depending on your organisation's specific needs, goals and budget.

Every detail and report, readily accessible

Our detailed and risk-based identification method provides you and your stakeholders with an easy-to-understand summary of your company’s SIEM risks, establishing a baseline for future improvement.

Benefits of SIEM Management and Compliance

Better Security Detail and Intelligence

With frequently updated threat intelligence, your organisation is best positioned to detect and respond to a wide range of advanced threats.

Eliminate Management Overhead

With no business downtime, your organisation can focus on productivity with a fully managed SIEM solution.

24/7 Troubleshooting

Our team of advanced security experts and analysts monitors your critical SIEM infrastructure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Satisfy Local and International Regulations

Stay up-to-date with and demonstrate compliance for the latest cybersecurity industry regulations.

Improve and Secure Business Reputation

Give your customers, employees and stakeholders peace-of-mind that your organisation is well-equipped to mitigate cyber exploitation risks.

Access to expertise

Gridware's Managed SIEM Services are a cost effective alternative to recruiting, hiring, training and managing your own team of cyber security experts.

SIEM Management FAQs

Managed Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) is an alternative to on-premise SIEM software solution deployment, setup, and monitoring in which an organisation contracts with a third-party service provider to host a SIEM application on their servers and monitor the organization’s network for potential security threats.

Organizations choose Managed SIEM for their corporate security needs in order to deploy more quickly, reduce setup and training costs, and leverage the expertise of cyber security experts.

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) Management should be conducted by an external service provider to ensure there is zero bias in the testing and remediation process. Gridware is technologically agnostic, meaning we will not force your organisation to implement technological measures that we believe are unnecessary.

It also ensures that the investigation is run independently from the business by technical experts who are familiar with the latest developments in exploits and both international and industry standards.

Customer Stories

Gridware has acted for hundreds of companies and helped them recover from potentially disastrous situations. Read about how our services have helped others:


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