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AWS Security Audits

Stay Ahead Of The Game:

Secure your AWS Environment

Gridware’s AWS Audit Service is tailored to identify opportunities to improve the security of your AWS environment by leveraging recommendations developed by Amazon Web Services, independent organisations, and our own hands-on experience in helping hundreds of enterprises install solutions on the AWS platform.

AWS Cloud Security

The major rise in the popularity of cloud computing has allowed businesses to implement a complex piece of software with a few mouse clicks. Amazon Web Services, or AWS, allows subscribers to the AWS service enjoy simple implementation and use of various cloud computing technologies, making complex software development a thing of the past.

However, using AWS without verifying its security exposes your data to malicious cybercriminals.  Gridware’s tailored AWS security audit enables you to identify all hidden flaws in your web system that could jeopardise private business or customer data.

You need outside-in expertise from Sydney and Melbourne’s highly skilled team of cyber security consultants to perform an AWS security audit that will identify gaps in your existing systems, and provide detailed observations and remediation plans to help achieve your most ideal state of security.

Demonstrate and streamline AWS security compliance

Partner with Sydney and Melbourne's experts in AWS Security

Gridware’s AWS security audit delivers complete cloud security control for all your AWS systems. Removing the complexity from achieving AWS compliance, Gridware will monitor cloud security, identifying malicious or suspicious activities in your AWS cloud architecture.

Reviewing and Assessing

Gridware’s AWS Security Audit involves reviewing configuration against AWS best practice guidelines to achieve ideal compliance. 

AWS Config

Our security consultants can review and assess AWS security controls to ensure they align with best practice guidelines.

Identity and Access Management

Secure digital identities and user access to data, systems, and resources to reduce identity-related access risks within your organisation.

AWS CloudTrail

Assessing key security metrics from your Cloudtrail to help you make informed security decisions across your AWS infrastructure.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Work with our security consultants to gain full visibility into your overall security and governance posture across various standards and frameworks.

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)

Assess and configure your capacity management to ensure there is minimal friction and wastage.

Gridware's Targetted AWS Response Plan

Detect unexpected AWS behaviour, perform continuous vulnerability assessments, and find new assets or misconfigurations immediately.

Eliminate blind spots with unified security monitoring and take corrective action fast with integrated threat intelligence from Gridware’s expert AWS Consultants.

Gain instant visibility and detailed information on AWS security and compliance for PCI DSSISO 27001, NERC CIP, and other standards.

AWS Security Audit FAQs

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is Amazon’s cloud computing implementation. It currently offers about 175 fully-featured services from data centres across the world and is a popular alternative for cloud-based hosting in the business. AWS will allow you to host their computers (i.e. servers), allowing you to:


  • Host your dynamic websites, run a Web and application server.
  • Securely store data in the cloud so that it may be accessed over WAN.
  • Databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others can be hosted on the cloud.
  • Receive CDN (Content Delivery Network) solutions that can be difficult to host on your network.
  • Host SMTP, or the mail server, on the cloud and send bulk emails to your customers.


A security audit is an examination of the network infrastructure security by analysing the configurations, app logic, permissions, and other features to ensure it adheres to established security standards and is free of vulnerabilities.

A data breach is the worst thing that can happen to a business. It is financially damaging and permanently weakens the clients’ trust in the company. There have been numerous occasions where such a hack has resulted in a complete disaster for a firm.

In most cybersecurity breaches, the security in the cloud component is the first aspect of an organisation to be exploited. An insecure AWS instance exposes your entire business and customer data to hackers, and if compromised, it can have serious consequences for your brand’s reputation, consumer trust, and revenue.

As a result, it’s critical to do an AWS Security Audit before your cloud security is exploited by malicious cybercriminals.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a presentation on cyber risk at your place of business, or at our headquarters.

In our experience, most companies looking to undertake an AWS Security Audit can require between 3-5 days of testing to complete.

Customer Stories

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