The Complete Guide to Penetration Testing With Sample Reports and Methodologies

Companies that conduct regular penetration testing reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack by a factor of 25 times

Gridware’s Threat Research team working closely with Western Sydney University has recently identified in a meta analysis of over 1000 Australian companies that those companies which undertake regular network and application layer penetration testing reduced the likelihood of suffering a cyber attacks by a factor of 25 times. That means they are 25 times less likely to suffer a major cyber attack by having conducted regular penetration testing.

This further demonstrates how early detection and a swift response are crucial in when cyber incidents take place. A lack of familiarity with the latest threat landscape and techniques deployed by threat actors can hinder organisations’ ability to respond decisively. We take the guesswork out of the equation with this complete guide into penetration testing, its benefits, the best methodologies and also include sample reporting.

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