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Phishing Assessment

It only takes one user to fall victim to a phishing scam for an attacker to gain access to your organisation. Gridware’s phishing evaluation and penetration testing service will assist you in understanding your organisation’s phishing posture and preparing for ransomware and other phishing-initiated threats.

Improve your security posture by understanding your organisation’s phishing threat.

phishing assessment:

Get Ahead of Threats

A common approach used by cybercriminals is psychological manipulation. Through the use of fake emails and online sites, criminals aim to trick people into opening dangerous links, clicking on malicious attachments, or exposing personal information.

Using Gridware’s social engineering services, you can determine how well your systems and employees are able to recognise and respond to email phishing assaults.

Discover more about the possible dangers of ethical hacking with assessments that are tailored to your company’s specific needs.


Phishing attacks undo years of efforts

A 2019 IBM report found that phishing attacks account for 90% of all data breaches and have an average cost of $3.68m per attack.

The damaging results of a phishing attack can lead to the costly interruption oyour organisation’s processes, as well as a loss of reputation and credibility.

Proactive testing with a phishing penetration test is the primary strategy to help prevent exploitation before it happens.

Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty: find out how we can help your organisation.

Gridware Differentiators

Gridware is marked by its distinctive approach, from our proprietary methods that offer a robust examination of existing infrastructure and processes, to our specialist team based in Sydney and Melbourne. Gridware is uniquely positioned to offer rapid turnaround, coupled with a depth of experience and an exclusive list of commercial and government clients.

Gridware is proud to be CREST (Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers) Certified, demonstrating our leadership and experience in the industry. Employing the highest quality cybersecurity talent in the market, we continue to offer our clients results that speak for themselves and have averted financial loss, reputational damage and lost time.

The Gridware Phishing Assessment Approach

Our approach helps swiftly and efficiently determine the extent of risk to your business against social engineers, by testing your security against common exploits and vulnerabilities. We perform our testing from the perspective of an attacker, utilising in-house tools, vulnerability scanning and manual scripts to emulate attack incidents. 

Using open-source intelligence gathering techniques (OSINT), our pentesters seek to identify valuable company and employee information which could be used to target your organisation by a potential threat actor.

Our testers may attempt phishing through email-based methods or use multiple file extensions and techniques engineered to bypass your mail gateway restrictions. The socially engineered phishing test will then be executed in an attempt to escalate network privileges and make simulated fraudulent requests. 

Utilising their knowledge of up-to-date social engineering tactics, our expert penetration testers meticulously prepare their phishing test to ensure it is as authentic as possible and possesses the best chance of achieving its objectives.  

A detailed report is prepared that highlights specific vulnerabilities within your current controls, staff members or your mail gateway restrictions. Our risk-based identification method provides you and your stakeholders with an easy-to-understand summary of your company’s phishing risk, establishing a baseline for future improvement. 

Gridware’s testing team will examine the adequacy of any existing anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering or file filtering protectionsTesters will identify any vulnerabilities and create specific assessments aimed at exploiting them. 

After confirmation that your organisation has implemented Gridware’s expert recommendations, a re-verification test will be conducted to ensure that all changes have been made correctly and no subsequent issues have arisen. 


Key Benefits

Gridware’s phishing assessment services will help you take preventive action to avoid the damaging financial and repetitional costs of a phishing attack. It can be a game-changing move in helping your organisation take their systems from below-average to strategically in tune with the latest threats and challenges in the cyber environment.

A phishing assessment is a proactive way of shaping mature cybersecurity strategies by testing your risk before something can go wrong. 

Gridware is proud to be CREST (Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers) Certified.

Phishing Assessment FAQs

Phishing is a type of online scam that involves a large-scale release of email and other electronic communications designed to trick users into revealing sensitive information such as credit card information and account passwords, by impersonating legitimate organisations or people. 

Social engineering is a malicious manipulation technique that exploits human error to gain private data access by luring unsuspecting users to into disclosing data, giving access to restricted systems or spreading malware infections. 

It only takes one user to fall prey to a phishing scam for a threat actor to gain a foothold in your organisation. The wide availability of phishing tools on the internet has enabled hackers with even a low level of skill to conduct successful attacks. 

Anti-phishing is a collective term used to describe the security measure that individuals and organisations can take to prevent a phishing attack, as well as mitigate the impact of a successful attack.

Penetration tests such as a phishing test should be conducted by an external provider like Gridware to ensure that there is no bias in the testing and that it is run independently by technical experts who are familiar with the latest developments in exploits and both international and industry standards. 

Customer Stories

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